Monday, July 19, 2010

The case against googling yourself

You could find some 19 year old with the same name as you that writes exceptionally bad poerty, as I did today. Here's a sample:

A lonely tear falls down
A smile turns to frown
Trickles down the cheek
Does not make you weak
A lonely tear escapes
A lifetime of mistakes
A sad and lonely heart
Others broke apart
A lonely tear is dried
So many nights it cried
A friend reached out their hand
And tried to understand
The lonely tear is gone
Life will carry on
With love from a friend
The lonely tears will end

Hmmm, sounds like someone didn't get Justin Beiber tickets and is in some serious pain! Hope it gets better for you little one, go cheer yourself up by seeing "Eclipse" for the eight time. I'd rather you and your bad poetry be linked to me than the OTHER person with my same name who used to plague me in the DC area...she was in my same sorority at another school. And was a HUGE slut. Awesome. Maybe why people were dissapointed on dates with me when they found out I wasn't THAT girl.

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