Friday, July 29, 2011

I'm here, I'm here!

So...I haven't posted anything in two weeks. Shame on me, I know! But the past two weeks have been so super-busy and jam-packed, I feel like I haven't had a second of rest. And my messy room and overflowing laundry basket back up that feeling, I think!

I flew out to Chicago and spent a fun-filled weekend on a boat, on a roof, in some bars, on a walking food tour, and at a game at Wrigley (where sadly, my Phillies lost....but I was happy to see TONS of Phillies fans in attendance!)

Then Homey C and I got her last things out of her apartment and headed east, with stops along the way where we rode back and forth on a ferry, rode a few roller coasters, drank beer out of a bucket, swayed on swings while sitting at a bar, scored a major hotel deal using Priceline, fought with a cabdiver (well, that was more me than it was Homey C), and made three seperate stops at Cracker Barrel.

And then I went back to cracker Barrel two days after we got back because I was going through hashbrown casserole withdrawal.

Then Monday was my first day at the new job! First days can always be a bit overwhelming. But imagine if your first day on the job had you into the office to fill out some paperwork and then immediately leave to head out of town for an overnight trip to a conference? Yup, that was my Monday and Tuesday this week. Overwhelming does not even scratch the surface. I was even giving product demos on day 2....good thing I have the keen ability to fake it til I make it. Oh, and I can be incredibly charming when I choose to be. But as my friends IRL know, I don't often choose to be :)

So the rest of this week has been trying to settle into the groove at the new job and get back to some sort of normal routine. You know, before I head out on my next travel adventure next week.

On Wednesday I will be heading to sunny San Diego and so very excited to be roommies again for a few days with my old college roommate. But the real purpose for my trip is for my volunteer internship at BlogHer11! I can hardly believe the time has come and I am so stinking excited! And...nervous. I feel like I am going to be totally overwhelmed by it all and really need to get my plan of attack together. I have heard the whole experience is fabulous not to mention all the great SWAG you get. Anyone else out there been before with tips to share? Better yet, anyone going this year??

I am loving getting caught up on my favorite blogs and looking forward to settling down again after San Diego and getting back into the bloggy swing of things.

All in all, life is pretty darn good at the moment and I am really and truly still liking everything.

Friday, July 15, 2011

I like everything!

That is *exactly* how I feel today.  I woke up at 5am, probably because I was just too happy and excited to sleep.  Today is my LAST DAY at the firm and I am bouncing up and down in my desk chair as I type this.  I have a list of odds and ends to get through, including copying my personal files to this lovely little flash drive (Thanks, Mom!)

Then tomorrow I get to head out to Chicago for a fun-filled weekend, capped off with a trip to Wrigley on Monday to see my Phillies.  And yes...I will be wearing my Phillies gear, including headband and Vineyard Vines tote.  Deal with it, Cubbie fans.  On a related note, if anyone in the Chicagoland area hears a report on the news about an incident at Monday night's game and then this blog goes's probably not a coincidence.

Tuesday morning the movers will come to Homey C's apartment to pack up her stuff and then we are hitting the road for our mini-road trip back to DC.  We are planning to stop at Cedar Point Amusement Park, maybe a day at Put-in-Bay and a swing through Pittsburgh.  Thoughts on detours, sidetracks and stops along the way are welcomed.

People have commented to me lately that I seem so much happier.  And that's because I just feel so happy right now.  It's not just the new job, because let's face won't be all sunshine and lollipops there either.  There will just not be any lawyers, thank goodness.

I just have a lot of good things happening me for me right now (because I asked for them!) And I feel beyond lucky and fortunate at the moment.  I also feel like I might be one of those people on the streets just smiling and bouncing along that I normally make fun of...touche, God.  Touche. 

I know just about everyone on the planet has seen this already, but Jessica and her daily affirmation hit the nail on the head of how I am feeling today.  cause I kind of like everything and feel that, at the moment, I can do anything good.

Happy weekend!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's all in the timing (or is it?)

With all of the changes and new things going on in my life at the moment, I find myself thinking quite a bit about timing. Does it play as big a part in your life as people say it will or should? Had the opportunity for the new job come around just a few months earlier, I likely would have been too busy with a huge event at work to even be able to entertain the thought of interviewing. I've spent a good bit of time in the last year lamenting that friends live so far away....had I moved, I wouldn't be here now as one of those friends moves back.

I am a worrier by nature -- I get it from Coach. To add to that, I am also horrible at making decisions. Now that is not to say I make bad decisions. Just that it takes me far longer than the average person to make a decision. Everything from taking a new job down to what I am going to have for dinner. Inability to make decisions is what leads me to be a chronic overpacker. I like choices, I like having options.

And my life has been full of choices and options. Looking back I am proud of some of them and disappointed in myself for others. I realize some of them I had to make to get to greater or bigger things down the road. Some of them I outright f*cked up and know never to repeat those mistakes again.

I'm watching as other people in my life are making important life decisions -- relationships, jobs, houses, babies. It all seems a little overwhelming, even when it isn't my own choice to make. Just as with my own life, I find myself agreeing with some and feeling cautious for others. How much of their choice is an actual choice and how much of it is the timing in their life that leads them towards that decision.

I know, I know...this is a little too heavy for usual Deviled Megs fodder. Chalk it up to a very long day at work and very little sleep last night that have me thinking big thoughts far too late at night ;)

Monday, July 11, 2011

And in just ONE more week

So nice to have such good things to post about recently...such a strange turn of events, don't you think? A good problem to have, for sure. Maybe I just need to ask for what I want more often, because things really started to come together after that post. Weird coincidence or the universe righting some wrongs? Either way, I'll take it!

But one week from today, I will be headed to Wrigley to cheer on my Phillies. I have never been to Wrigley (though always wanted to go) and the fact that I also get to see the Phillies is an amazing bonus.

I will be flying out to Chicago bright and early on Saturday morning. Will probably feel like a million bucks solely for the fact that this Friday is my last day at the law firm. The weekend will be filled with fun friends and fun times. And probably some drinks. Hopefully not as many as there were for the St. Patrick's day Chicago trip because I may not be able to recover from THAT much fun again. Although I AM looking forward to hopefully being a much younger "vacation age" again.

Then next Tuesday morning, one of my good friends is saying goodbye to the Windy City and I am roadtripping it back to DC with her. While I know she is sad to leave her Chi-town friends (and I am sad to have one less couch to sleep on when I visit Chicago!), I would be lying if I said I wasn't super, ridiculously excited to have her here in DC to hang out with. When you have a wonderful friend like this, you want to be able to hang out with her more often, right?

Anyone have any good roadtripping tips or stories to share? Not gonna lie...I am a teensy bit nervous since I get completely bored and antsy on car rides over 1.5-2hrs. I wonder if I forgot to mention that to her..... :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

In just ONE week... will be my very last day at the firm. You read that right -- I have resigned my position and will be embarking on a new position(non-legal..hallelujah!!!) at the end of July. I told you all I had a few good things up my sleeve to report ;)

To say I am excited would probably be a huge understatement. In my years of law firm life I have had (a few) ups and (too many) downs, but have learned a lot about myself and what is important to me in my professional life. While there are some very special co-workers that I will miss, there are some people I know I will be SUPER HAPPY to leave behind. Such as"

Not one, but two food thieves

People who complain about totally trivial things

Mean office neighbors

Off-key office neighbors

Although she is long gone, who could forget the world's worst temp?

And the ultimate in total inappropriateness

So I am looking forward to wrapping things up and closing this chapter come next Friday. And hoping I can talk somebody in DC into some post-work celebratory cocktails. Lord knows after all the twist and turns at work I have had, I have earned it!

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Happy weekend everyone!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I'm still here!!!

I have been absent for almost two weeks, how terribly rude of me! I assure you that I am still alive, and for a nice change of pace, doing very, very well ;)

I have returned from my trip to the desert and am overdue for some posting and I will get to that very soon, I promise! Playing a lot of catch up at work and life in general today.

Although very very tired and in need of doing some serious cleaning and laundry, I am a very happy girl at the moment and looking forward to many good things ahead. And I promise to keep you all in the loop. I mean you stick around and read all the AWFUL stories, you'd at least like some good ones, right?!?

Hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday weekend!