Monday, August 26, 2013

Feeling Young(ish) again - 2013 MTV VMAs

I feel like I need a little “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” after the MTV VMAs last night.  SO much I did not understand.   

So much made me feel uncomfortable.   So much made me feel…..OLD.

To be fair, I know at my age I am not OLD.  Unlike some who should remain nameless, I did not need to Google “twerking” (love ya, MGD!) But I know I am NOT young.  I realize this when I get too little sleep or when I have that unnecessary last glass of wine.  It causes me great pain when I change out my winter/summer clothes 2x a year and come across jeans and dresses in sizes I know I will NEVER wear again, yet cannot bring myself to throw away.  I can *actually feel* my crows feet and brow furrows become more pronounced when I walk by a Forever 21.  Hell it happens when I pass the Juniors section in Target.   

So, IMHO,  my being not young = my being old. But for the brief period of time watching the VMAs last night, I felt....young again.  

If you watched most of the VMAs you may be saying “WTF, DeviledMegs?!?!” Anyone over the age of 25 felt old as DIRT at least once during that trainwreck of an “awards” show.  And I did.  BELIEVE me I did.  

I felt it when my first thought in seeing Miley Cyrus hump a foam finger was “What must her parents be think??”  
Via.  Don't worry Drake, I had to look away too. 

I felt it when Jared Leto announced a performance and as fans cheered for him, and I realized anyone under the age of 18 doesn’t even know that he was Jordan-FRAKING-Catalano.  


And yes, the sheer fact that I had been giddy with anticipation since it was announced that there could be an N*SYNC reunion in the works was an indicator I was OLD.  [Says the woman who has also paid money –as an ADULT - to see NKOTB (TWICE) and the Backstreet Boys]  

With nowhere to turn with all my snarky comments feelings, I went where anyone else would go who needs an emotional outlet.


And there were all my friends, from all stages of my life, similarly horrified by a skanky-beyond-her-years Miley.  We marveled at the wonder that is JT.  We commented on and liked each others posts.  I felt like I could have been 20 years old again, watching it in the chapter room of my sorority house.  You know, back in the dark ages where you HAD to watch things live because there was no DVR, and your friends had to BE THERE because you couldn’t text/tweet them. 

For a brief period of time….age was just a number. 

And yes, reality came crashing back this morning as I struggled to get my butt out of bed after staying up WAYYYYYY past my bedtime and had to put forth extra effort to get myself presentable and out the door to work.  But I am still laughing thinking about last night.  Thanks to those FB friends that made it more fun to watch….and helped make me feel not so OLD for one short evening. 

PS - We get it, MTV.  Tay Tay and Selena are just a couple of besties having a fun night out dancing (and perpetuating the sterotype that White Girls have no rythm) 


In addition to trashing your exes.  But did the camera need to show your reaction to every. Single. Thing?!?


  1. OK, I love TayTay. I really do, Miley however? WTF was she thinking? Who let her do that? It was just very confusing. She is trying WAY to hard.

    Haven't seen the JT performance yet, off to YouTibe!

    1. TayTay needs...something. I don't know what. The whole breakup-write-a-song-about-it is wearing thin. I mean, pace yourself, Taylor. You are only 22 or so and have been through HOW MANY public breakups? Maybe it's time to just do you before being in a relationship. :)

  2. Maybe if TayTay quit with the "hooker red lipstick" she'd have better luck? I'm SO glad I missed the VMA's because I'm grossed out just by what I've HEARD. Yikes!