Friday, June 21, 2013

Five on Friday

1.  It's the first day of summer and also Wear Lilly Day!  Sadly, I have not yet retrieved my boxes of summer clothes from storage yet, so I had no seasonally appropriate Lilly to wear.  But I have this calendar on my that should cover it, yes?
I really hate trying to use iPhone photos on blogger.....

2.  That pic is a good segue to my Pop-Pop being back into his house down the shore!  I can't wait to get up to visit -- especially since he started putting his crab traps out yesterday. 
True story: after Sandy, Pop Pop had to throw out about 15 pounds of crabmeat from his freezer.  Sadness. 

3.  I am grasping at straws trying to find the positives at work right now.  I will say the upshot to being insanely busy is that the day goes by quickly.

4.  Have any of you had My Grandma's Coffee Cakes?  I bought a sampler of them (from QVC, obvs) and ohmygodyouguys you HAVE to try them.  The sampler I bought were 9 personal-sized mini cakes, 3 cinnamon, 3 banana walnut and 3 coconut.
One of those in a bowl....with some vanilla ice cream.  THERE ARE NO WORDS.  You can buy them from the Q (seriously, it's about time QVC put me on payroll with the amount I talk about them!) or from My Grandma's site.  You may also be lucky enough to have them at your local grocery store (you can check here).  In case there was any doubt, you can buy these lovelies at Wegman's.  Just another reason why Wegman's is ah-mazing.  Just have to wait until 2014 and there will be one close enough to me to shop there on the regular.

5.  Tomorrow, MVP wants to take a trip out into MD for a big yard sale at the Antiques/Tag Sale place he loves (Called Chartreuse & Co. and if you are in the area it is definitely worth a trip!)  Anyway, the last time we were there, we wandered over to the outlets.....I don't think we need a crystal ball to see what's in my future there....MORE PAJAMAS!!!!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I'm Loving...that I have been a little bit better/consistent with posting.  [Pats self on the back]

I'm Loving...presents.  Getting presents for people is one of my all time favorite things to do.  A few weeks ago I got an amazing text from a friend (who happens to be my Little Sister from my sorority....and yes, her contact info is saves as Little in my phone).  She was set to be a caller on an episode of Watch What Happens Live!

 Yes, I felt a pseudo-parental sense of pride about the whole thing and naturally had to celebrate the occasion with an appropriate gift.  One for her, and one for her daughter.

I'm Loving...sticking to the plan of getting up earlier in the morning to do my Physique 57 before work.  I definitely still feel like a grump when the alarm goes off and I trudge out of bed, but when the workout is done I feel like I have started my day off well and if everything else goes to sh*t....well at least I accomplished something first thing in the morning!
 I'm Loving...that last night, MVP told me he was proud of me for getting up early to workout.

I'm Loving...that today is really my Thursday since I am off on Friday for a doctor's visit.  Not really sure what that says about me/my job that I am THAT excited about going to the doctor....

I'm Loving...Princesses of Long Island.  You guys, this show is SUCH a train wreck and I love every second of it. 

I'm Loving...that I got some old clothes cleaned out of my closet last night and have two huge goodwill donation bags ready to go. 

I'm Loving...that after work tonight MVP and I are going to a MORTIFIED show.  I harbor a secret desire to join the DC chapter.  I think the only problem is that I have way too many embarrassing experiences to choose from.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Another one bites the dust

 It has been just around 4 months since my boss was let go.  It has been a really "interesting" time since then...lots of uncertainty, rolling with the punches, pulling my hair out, and just trying to hang on and get by. 

They finally hired someone just over two months ago.  The role changed a bit -- was put in another department, I was not reporting to them) but it was a good thing.  Gave us some new perspective to work with, I really enjoyed working with him, and was thinking maybe this could help give me some hope for awhile to keep on keeping on.

Well, about a week or so ago, he announced he was moving to a different group.  Same role, just different group within the company.  I thought there was a possibility it could happen when there were some other internal moves, but hoped maybe I would be wrong.  No such luck.

Last Monday, we actually had a new hire start in our department -- same role as me and my colleagues.  A good sign for sure, thinking after she was fully onboarded we could redistribute the workload and I might be freed up a little to focus more on some of the projects I never seemed to have time for. 

And then today the most senior person in our dept put in their two weeks.  I knew it was bound to happen.  We both fell for a "bait and switch" when it came to our jobs here -- being led to believe we would be doing one thing, then after starting realizing it was nothing like what was discussed during the interview process. 

So now...well now my friends I am officially screwed.  No idea how things are going to get by until they hire a replacement for her (and really, she had all the institutional knowledge for our group, so that is irreplaceable) and how we are going to manage her workload in the interim. 

You know that feeling when you don't think it could get ANY worse....and then it does?
I feel that times a hundred today

I am almost longing for the days of my temp assistant at my last job.....

Friday, June 7, 2013

Five on Friday

I enjoy a good link up (and it also gives me a kick in the butt to post something).  Joining A. Liz Adventures for Five on Friday. 

1.  TGIF times a billion.  Why oh why did this week seem to last two times as long as a normal week?!?

2.  I was happy to get to have a girls' night dinner with some friends last night.  One of them even fessed up to her OWN Soma pajamas purchase which TOTALLY made me feel better about mine

3.  I got to see a sneak preview of The Internship a few weeks ago and really liked it.  Yes, Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson tend to play the same kinds of characters over and over, but for some reason, in this movie I actually liked the familiarity.  If you're in the mood for a fun movie this weekend, it's a good choice.
4.  Does anyone else out there enjoy binge-watching TV?  I swear it is my new favorite thing.  Now I can watch all those shows I never was interested in, had time for before, but everyone swore to me I would love them.  I like just being able to relax on a Friday night after a long week with 4 or 5 episodes of a series I am getting into.  That's what I had MVP do with Mad Men last year, although we would get into trouble with that show...saying "wanna watch just one more?" often found us losing whole days on a weekend, or staying up well past our bedtimes.  I recently blew through all 3 seasons of "Scandal" and am contemplating what my next series should be.  "Downton Abby"? "Revenge"?  Recommendations for your fave shows are welcomed. 

5.  Anyone who read regularly (or knows me IRL) knows that I am a huge fan of QVC.  Like, major.  Their TSV today (that's Today's Special Value for those of you that don't speak Q) is a product I recently purchased and am pretty much obsessed with now.  I am going to tell you what I USED to use before you judge me for this product I am emphatically endorsing.

In between visits to see my fabulously amazing hair stylist, I would use a brown eye shadow to "paint" over some of my grey more noticeable roots.  At some point I started using the eye shadow regularly, patting it onto the part in my hair.  I have REALLY fine hair, and the shadow placement on my part gave a really nice illusion of fuller/more hair.

Flash forward to me browsing on QVC one day and running across Great Hair Day Fill-In Joan-freaking-Rivers.  I wonder if that was my gateway to the Soma pajamas?!?!  Anywho, this stuff is AWESOME.  A great powder formula with a wonderful brush -- MUCH better than my little cover girl brown eye shadow with the sponge tip wand applicator.  I know it sounds crazy, but if you have very fine hair, brushing this stuff in at your hairline, down your part, etc., creates a HUGE difference. 

And, like I said, it's the TSV today, so worth giving a try!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

I am a horrible blogger

Maybe not in general, but as of late?  Awful.  The last thing I wrote about was wearing a sports bra to work because I was in desperate need of doing laundry.  Pathetic.  Almost as pathetic as me STILL NEEDING TO DO LAUNDRY.  I got some delicates washed though, so sports bras have not made a repeat visit to the office. 

Today, I would like to recommit myself to this blog, this little teeny tiny corner of the internet that is mine all mine.  I am warning you in advance that nothing -- seriously NOTHING -- exciting is going on as of late.  The things I write about will probably be boring...strange...maybe both.  I may even tell you about all the horrible-no-good-brain-rotting reality television I have been watching.  So really, if nothing else. reading this blog will make you feel better about your own life.

You're welcome.

Here's a question - for those of you who work out of the house and have to wear office attire every day, what do you do when you get home?  Do you hang out in your work clothes?  Do you change into loungey clothes?  Would you change from loungey clothes into pjs before going to bed?

These are the important issues I think about during meetings that are running too long.  I tend to wear a pensive expression as I mull these things over, so most people think I am actually very into the meeting topic.  Wrong.

I had a preferred outfit for changing into after work.  Black yoga pants and a favorite Eagles t-shirt.  MVP called it my uniform.  I began to feel embarrassed of how accustomed I had become to this very outfit.  But nothing else would do.  I imagined this must be what my friends go through when their toddlers give them a hard time getting dressed in the morning because they refuse to wear anything but mismatched underoos and a ski jacket.

 On a recent day trip with MVP, we ventured to an out-of-the-way outlet center.  Out of curiosity I went into one store.  There were some tantalizing deals, but not knowing this brand, I needed to try some things on to be sure.

The sales woman asked if I had tried their line before.  After almost scoffing NO, she looked at me with a knowing expression and a twinkle in her eye.

"Oh dear," she said, "you are going to be living in these."

The store was Soma and that lady was telling me the god's honest truth.  That day I bought 4 sets of Soma's Cool Nights PJs and I put those suckers on *the second* I get home.  I don't care if it is only 6pm and will still be light out for a few hours. These pajamas are a dream come true.
(And as a side note, I know a thing or two about pajamas.  On a tour of my apartment, my friend pointed and asked "Do you have a section in your closet to hang your pajamas?1?" Shaking my head yes, she responded, "Of course you do."  Actually, I fessed up to that a few years back. Sufficed to stay, the collection has grown significantly since then.)

After the Soma outlet revelation, I went online to see what I could find.  Lo and behold, a fabulous sale section where I picked up some more pjs.  I had a ball reading customers' online reviews on the mentioned that these were snazzy PJs, good for when company comes over.  Because clearly company would overlook the fact that you didn't give enough of a sh*t about them to get dressed, because at least the sleeptime ensemble was snazzy.

This morning they sent out a HUGE SALE email....I think you know what happened after that. name is Deviled Megs....and I am addicted to pajamas.