Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Recap

Before I dive into a Christmas recap, I would be a weenie if I didn't state right now that I have totally SUCKED at blogging towards the end of this year.  I found myself in a personal and professional funk that seemed to suck any joy or creativity out of me.  I am hoping that dark cloud will move on outta here in 2013 and I can get back to writing a bit more regularly.

I am sure I will post something next week about resolutions for the new year, but one I wanted to commit myself to and start today is trying to start each day with a grateful heart.  Most some days I may not have much control over all the twists and turns the day may take, but I can resolve to start each day by waking up and spending a few moments being grateful for all the good things I have in my life. 

So on that note, I am very grateful for being able to take a few days off from work to head up to PA and spend time with my family and MVP's family. A LOT less stressful than last year's start to the Christmas vacation with our flight to South Carolina getting cancelled, that's for sure.  We did not head up to PA until Monday, giving us a few days at home.  MVP was gone for work for about a month, so it was good to have him home.  But also an adjustment -- no more solo control of the remote control!

I was dead set on a specific gift for MVP this year....but with all the craziness with work and other obligations lately, of course I let it get down to the wire, and could not get the gift anywhere close to DC.  In fact, I had to go up to Towson, MD (north of Baltimore, in case you aren't familiar) to get it for him.  And those that know me know I HATE driving, so.....MVP went with me to pick it up.  Given that, I figured why bother to sneak around and get it, take it home and wrap it up.  Might as well just let him go into the store with me to pick it up.

MVP was pretty stoked about his new toy.  I was also very excited, because it meant I could get MY iPad back from him :)  When we got home his other gifts had arrived (can I tell you how much I LOVE Zappos and their overnight shipping?!?)  so I just let him open the box himself.  Saved me the trouble of wrapping anything!

MVP was up early the next day to get the last of my gifts together.  They both blew me away...mostly because he put so much thought into them.  The first is something I have wanted for....probably forever.  But not something you might just go out and buy for yourself.

 I don't even know if it is going to fit on the counter in our tiny apartment kitchen, but I am just so excited about it.  What should I bake first?!?!  Hopefully this ensures a win at next year's Cookie Competition (sadly, I had to give up the trophy this year, no repeat winning performance)

 Sitting on top of the mixer box was a little toy Rudolph.  I didn't really pay him much attention until MVP pointed out that Rudy was sporting some earrings.

I was nervous to put them on, they were so pretty and sparkly.  I still can't believe he got them for me, I don't know what I did to deserve them (or him, for that matter) but I know I am a very fortunate girl. 

The drive up to PA was a pretty easy one, thank goodness.  We made a quick stop at the new Costco in DC. Side's probably the BEST Costco I have ever been in....and I have been to my fair share of Costcos!  Aside from being ginormous and brand new, the DC Costco sells liquor -- a Christmas miracle!!  We also picked up some pies and cakes to take with us.  We had a great time in PA visiting with both of our families and eating WAY TOO MUCH good food.  We had Christmas Eve at MVP's sister's house, who is a few short weeks away from welcoming her first baby!  I think I was exhausted just THINKING about all she was running around doing for the holidays while being so pregnant.  Will be very exciting next year for them to have their first Christmas with their daughter.  I think MVP is getting excited about having a niece....he even picked out a cute little set from Taggies for the baby for Christmas. 

After a looooooooong drive home on Wednesday night, I woke Thursday morning feeling totally worn out from Christmas.  I was tired and achy and just felt plain worn out.  So I decided to work from home (my office was bound to be a ghost town anyway) and spent most of the day in my Christmas jammies. 

And I am pretty sure I will be putting them back on within 5 minutes of getting home later tonight.

I hope you all were able to spend time with friends and family and enjoy time together.  What were some of your favorite Christmas gifts or memories made?  As corny as it is, my favorite thing was having MVP back home and getting to spend so much time with him after he had been away for so long.  While I did enjoy getting to eat popcorn for dinner and watch TLC's Cheer Perfection without being made fun of,  the apartment was starting to get a little lonely :)