Thursday, June 6, 2013

I am a horrible blogger

Maybe not in general, but as of late?  Awful.  The last thing I wrote about was wearing a sports bra to work because I was in desperate need of doing laundry.  Pathetic.  Almost as pathetic as me STILL NEEDING TO DO LAUNDRY.  I got some delicates washed though, so sports bras have not made a repeat visit to the office. 

Today, I would like to recommit myself to this blog, this little teeny tiny corner of the internet that is mine all mine.  I am warning you in advance that nothing -- seriously NOTHING -- exciting is going on as of late.  The things I write about will probably be boring...strange...maybe both.  I may even tell you about all the horrible-no-good-brain-rotting reality television I have been watching.  So really, if nothing else. reading this blog will make you feel better about your own life.

You're welcome.

Here's a question - for those of you who work out of the house and have to wear office attire every day, what do you do when you get home?  Do you hang out in your work clothes?  Do you change into loungey clothes?  Would you change from loungey clothes into pjs before going to bed?

These are the important issues I think about during meetings that are running too long.  I tend to wear a pensive expression as I mull these things over, so most people think I am actually very into the meeting topic.  Wrong.

I had a preferred outfit for changing into after work.  Black yoga pants and a favorite Eagles t-shirt.  MVP called it my uniform.  I began to feel embarrassed of how accustomed I had become to this very outfit.  But nothing else would do.  I imagined this must be what my friends go through when their toddlers give them a hard time getting dressed in the morning because they refuse to wear anything but mismatched underoos and a ski jacket.

 On a recent day trip with MVP, we ventured to an out-of-the-way outlet center.  Out of curiosity I went into one store.  There were some tantalizing deals, but not knowing this brand, I needed to try some things on to be sure.

The sales woman asked if I had tried their line before.  After almost scoffing NO, she looked at me with a knowing expression and a twinkle in her eye.

"Oh dear," she said, "you are going to be living in these."

The store was Soma and that lady was telling me the god's honest truth.  That day I bought 4 sets of Soma's Cool Nights PJs and I put those suckers on *the second* I get home.  I don't care if it is only 6pm and will still be light out for a few hours. These pajamas are a dream come true.
(And as a side note, I know a thing or two about pajamas.  On a tour of my apartment, my friend pointed and asked "Do you have a section in your closet to hang your pajamas?1?" Shaking my head yes, she responded, "Of course you do."  Actually, I fessed up to that a few years back. Sufficed to stay, the collection has grown significantly since then.)

After the Soma outlet revelation, I went online to see what I could find.  Lo and behold, a fabulous sale section where I picked up some more pjs.  I had a ball reading customers' online reviews on the mentioned that these were snazzy PJs, good for when company comes over.  Because clearly company would overlook the fact that you didn't give enough of a sh*t about them to get dressed, because at least the sleeptime ensemble was snazzy.

This morning they sent out a HUGE SALE email....I think you know what happened after that. name is Deviled Megs....and I am addicted to pajamas.



  1. I love Soma's bras actually. Especially their prices on sale. Definitely about to check out their pjs. As for getting home. Bra=off. Pants=off. I usually have to walk the dog so then it's shorts, sports bra, t-shirt. After that, hang time. Don't even think about asking me to go anywhere or do anything once the bras off. Unless it's cool enough to throw a hoodie on over. My actual weird clothing issue is undies. I have a pair for everything: work, work-outs (those are in the best shape, unlike me, they don't get used much), ones someone of the opposite sex may see, sleeping, and ummm, certain weeks.

    1. Too funny -- reminds me of that ecard: "I really need to go to the store but I've already taken my bra off."

  2. Is change as soon as I get home into comfy clothes and then change again before bed!

  3. Yep, I have after-work lounge clothes... then I shower and change into PJs.

  4. I change when I get home too to either gym shorts and tshirt or yoga pants! Then I change into a nightgown for bed!

  5. I wear workout clothes for pjs, lounging AND exercise. Put them on after dinner and into the laundry after the morning workout (if it happens).

  6. Well I'm crazy about Soma pajamas too. I also love their cami bras so you might want to check that out as well. I enjoyed reading your post, thanks for sharing!

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