Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

VERY MUCH in need of a mental break right now -- and it's the perfect reason to link up for What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm loving....that I feel like I can officially start the vacation countdown. In just 10 more days I will be outta here. A week away from work sounds almost too good to be true right now -- as in, I need to keep remind myself that it is ACTUALLY happening. Now if only I could manage to lose 10 lbs in those ten days....

I'm loving....that just in time for vaca, Living Social offered a special on spray tans. Hey, if I can't lose a couple lbs, being tan is the next best thing!

I'm loving....that MVP and I survived another family-filled weekend! His sister came down for a night on Friday and was our first official house guest! It was great for her to be able to come stay with us for a night -- I know MVP was really happy to see her and I really enjoy getting to spend time with her and get to know her better. Then we all headed up to Baltimore on Saturday for the Phillies-Orioles game -- including MVP's parents, my little brother and his wife, and his wife's brother. Originally Mom and Coach were supposed to make the trip....but her recent knee surgery cancelled that trip for them. Even though it was SUPER HOT that day AND the Phillies lost, it was still a really nice day. Almost like a mini-vacation.

I'm loving....that calling it all a "mini-vaca" made me feel like I could ditch the diet for a few days and eat like I was on vacation. I mean, c' can you go to Baltimore and NOT eat crab dip?

I'm loving....that it's perfectly fine for me to be on twitter during the day as I have managed to incorporate it into my work (long story.) Definitely helps keep me feeling a little more "upbeat" about my 9-5 having some aspect of work that I actually enjoy.

I'm loving....that in several meetings around work, my name has come up in reference to the work I am doing with my "professional" twitter account, and colleagues tell other coworkers that I am a "must-follow." It seriously helps to get a little positive feedback/support at work every now and again.

I'm newest TV find, "United Stats of America" on the History Channel. It may be geeky, but MVP and I stumbled across this show and then immediately watched all the available episodes on OnDemand. It's educational, funny and SUPER interesting -- highly recommend!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My attitude at work

I usually look close to this from all the frantic running around I have to do and end up like
Running into Trouble Gif - Running into Trouble

And really I just need to be more like

Should be a simple switch, yes?

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Close to the edge...

I am really teetering close to the brink at work lately. Things just get more and more nuts. It's not a bad or worse kind of's just nucking futs, if you catch my drift.

What is pushing me SO MUCH CLOSER to the edge right now, is how it would appear that my boss is just kind of ignoring a HUGE pile of issues that are flaring up on a BIG project for me right now (that I have raised to him...not trying to hide anything or be a hero here!)

Maybe he is away in a meeting. Or busy working on something else that is way above my pay grade.


He's tweeting about the Nationals. And running. And his favorite apple variety. (It's granny smith, in case you were curious.)

Oh dear LORD please give me the strength to get through the rest of this week. Right now it's 3pm, I have been running myself ragged since the moment I walked in the door, haven't had time to eat lunch yet, and am not even 1/3 of the way through what I need to get done today.