Wednesday, July 29, 2015

We're moving!!! AKA best excuse to start blogging again

If you have been wondering what ever became of this blog and curious as to what in the heck I have been up to....then you are probably my mom and can just as easily pick up the phone and call, for crissakes.

Not my mom?  Oh well then helloooooooo there!!!  Welcome back -- do I have some news for you!
MVP and I are moving!!!!  To Philadelphia!!!!

To say that we are both pumped is an understatement.  MVP was offered a great new job.....I was very, VERY fortunate that my job made it possible for me to work remotely....and here we are, about 2 weeks away from the apartment being packed up and moved about 3 hours north on I-95.

MVP and I are both incredibly excited to be living closer to family members, especially our siblings and our nieces and nephew.  We are also really excited about being able to live in the city, not having to leave our house to be able to watch the Eagles each week and.....Wawa.  Obviously, Wawa.

DC has been my stomping ground for eleven years. I have had a ton of fun.  I have lived in 3 different houses/apartments with approximately 14 different room/housemates.  I have worked at 5 different companies.  I have been able to grow friendships I started in college and been so fortunate to meet many new friends who have become just as close.

I have gone on many, many bad dates.  I have had some great dates. I have fallen in love.  I have had my heart broken.  After I met MVP, and we started dating, I was often reminded of some of the places and dates and people I had to go through to get to him.  Sometimes as big and full of people as DC is, it felt smaller.  I wanted to so much to embrace this new relationship with this new person and felt like around many corners, there were sometimes ghosts of relationships past hidden in the shadows.

At the risk of getting into that uncomfortable touchy-feely zone with y'all, what I am really and truly excited about is starting this new chapter with my new husband.  Still feels very odd to say/type that word, but trying to get into the habit. I'm looking forward to lots of new places, new favorites and new memories that I am sure we will look back on fondly some day.  It feels really strange to admit that "out loud" here....but strange in the best possible way.  Does that mean I am finally growing up?!?!?

What I am also very excited about is that this new life update gives me the best reason ever to start blogging again.  I have missed it....I know I have said that same thing before, but TRUST you guys....I mean it.

So I am hoping that many of you may want to follow me and my fish-back-in-more-suitable-water story.  I promise to keep it interesting, keep it entertaining, keep it FUNNY and keep it real.