Thursday, March 31, 2011

Have you heard?

About the brilliant blog STFU Parents? No -- you haven't? Please go check it out. You are bound to read something that will make you laugh until your cheeks hurt. Hell, you can go now, you don't even need to bother reading the rest of this posting. THAT is how good it is over there.

Still reading? Well after I spent awhile persuing the posts on that blog and laughing at some of the more absurd entries, I realized that I am very, very fortunate. Many of my friends who have now become moms do not see life as an us v. them -- moms v. non-moms. And trust me, I feel reeeeeeeally lucky for that. But I can's say I don't know some folks who are have tendencies and attitudes straight off of this blog.

To my friends IRL who are now moms -- if you are reading this, thank you. Thank you for still maintaining your friendships that you have with women who are at other points in their life and mommyhood isn't in the mix right now. Thank you for being real and expressing your struggles and strifes with humor, grace and dignity. You all maintain such balance and authenticity and don't take yourselves too seriously. and I love you all the more for it. You give me absolutely nothing that I can go and submit on STFU Parent, and for that I really do thank you.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

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I'm loving... that this Wednesday is just about over. It's been a real roller coaster at work lately and today was an especially stressful and trying one.

I'm loving...that the end of this day means I am one day closer to the weekend.

I'm REALLY loving...that the end of this day means I am one day closer to my trip to Nashville next weekend. God bless having something wonderful to look forward to!

DC Area Bloggers

This is a quick post (more of a question really...) to see how many may be out there in the DC area blogging away. I get so jealous of those who post fun photos of their area meet ups for blogger friends they have made who actually happen to live in their area.

So instead of being just passively envious of other people's fun, I though why not create some fun of my own? Please let me know (comment below or email to if you are in the DC area and may like having a meet up one of these days, maybe brunch or a happy hour. And feel free to spread the word obviously ;)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Semi-serious question

And your feedback or insights are really and truly appreciated!

Has anyone had experience (or someone you know perhaps) with taking a pay cut to switch jobs? I'd just be interested in the pros/cons (well other then "con" of making less money, of course) to the situation and maybe how you/they felt about the decision six months later. Heck, six years later even.

Before anyone goes getting excited, this is not anything in my very immediate future, but something I think I may need to start seriously considering.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Something to think about...

Image courtesy of Bits of Truth

What if it's just imagining myself without THIS job that I have right now? And while I know I would be worse off financially, I think on the whole I would be better off (mentally, emotionally and physically) without it.

Another errand to add to the list

So, I am a total absent-minded, clumsy, hasty fool and lost my check card. I put it with a receipt in the back pocket of my jeans. Only later did I realize that the receipt made it into the pocket. The check card? Yeah...not so much.

I realized this as I was standing at the bank, needing to get cash out of the ATM. F.

So now I get to add "remember to go INTO the bank for actual cash in the middle of crazy hectic work days" to my growing list of things to do. This gets bumped up in priority over mailing the package that has been sitting under my desk for, oh, I'd say 3 weeks now.

Here's hoping the new card makes its way to me toute de suite. Y'know, so I can go about the next fun task of updating all of my auto-pay bills with the new card information.

Apologies for the grumbly Monday post. But that is just how I am feeling on this first day of another craptastic work week. GRUMBLY.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Anyone else?

Spending some low key time on a Friday night catching up on DVR. Can someone else please make me feel better and tell me you cried during "The Office" too? I mean, I had two glasses of wine, but if you cried stone cold sober, I won't judge, I swear.

Go on, I dare you

Ever tell someone something about yourself -- like a goal, plan, or something you'd like to do -- and have that person give you that look. You know the one I'm talking about...the look that lets you know they are trying verrrrrry hard to not have their face convey what they are really thinking. That you can't do it, don't have it in you, aren't capable.

Have you gone ahead and done it anyway, just to prove them wrong? Has their doubt inspired you to greatness? Or has it made you doubt your ability just a little bit more than you already did?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Don't you....forget about me...

March 24th. Not a big date for many of us, right? Maybe it's someone's birthday, or an anniversary here and there, but nothing monumental..right?

Wrong. Well, at least for me anyway.

I just learned a very important bit of trivia from a friend's facebook status. March 24 (and in this case the year was 1984) was the date for the Saturday detention in "The Breakfast Club" of my favorite movies of all time.

It is one of those movies I am usually shocked to find someone has never seen. L, who is pretty notorious for not having seen many, many movies, claims to have seen all the different parts of Breakfast Club at some time or another by now. I still think she needs to sit down and watch it start to finish. After all, did you know that's how the movie was shot? Sequentially. It's very rare for a movie to be made that way (for a variety of reasons.) Bet you also might not know the script for the movie was written in 2 days. TWO.

I discovered many of these little trivia gems when I read "You Couldn't Ignore Me If You Tried." I tore through this book in about a day and a half, I just loved learning all about my favorite movies so much. This is a MUST read if you are someone like me who likes all things John Hughes and has a soft spot for well made 80's teen movies.

Yes please note my use of the phrase "well made" cause all 80's teen movies are not the same. Don't get me wrong, I love "Weird Science", "Teen Witch" and "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun." But if you are a fan of this genre like I know that there are some really well made movies in this group that stand the test of time. And "Breakfast Club" is one of them.

It's what a good movie should be. It tells a story that is accessible to everyone. An experience many of us have shared. Characters that we can all identify with, that we see ourselves in. Characters that grow and change over the course of 97 minutes and come out slightly different at the end.

It's something so simple. Who were you in high school? Because you HAVE to be able to be categorized as something, right? How does it get decided if you're going to be a brain, an outcast, an athlete, a punk, or a princess? How long do you have to hold that title...a few years? Forever? For some of us that experience in high school could go on forever. For some of us, it could not end soon enough. I think we are all too young to realize it then, but later in life we all get to a point where we realize, just as the character of Andrew astutely observes, "We're all pretty bizarre. Some of us are just better at hiding it, that's all."

For all the movies they keep dragging out of the vault to makeover, "The Breakfast Club" has stayed neatly tucked away. Either someone is too stupid and keeps overlooking it...or too smart and knows that you can't remake something so classic.

There may be some people reading this who have never seen the movie. Hell, there may be many of you who weren't even alive when this movie came out. (and I literally shuddered as I typed that) And you must. I promise you, you won't regret 1 of those 97 minutes you spend watching that Saturday, March 24 unfold at Shermer High School. If nothing else, you'll see that Snooki and the Jersey Shore crew are totally ripping off Judd Nelson, obviously he originated the fist pump. If I was Judd...I'd be pissed.

And as a small side note...this is my 150th posting, damn I am getting old! :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

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I'm loving... that this is a "short week" at work since I was still out of the office on Monday. [Side rant about something I am NOT loving this week. Note how I use the phrase "out of office" and not "on vacation." This is because I learned once again, that I am not allowed to take an actual vacation or sick day. Like, ever. I spent at least 1-1.5 days (the hours totaled up) working while on vacation.]

I'm loving...the fun that I did have while out in Chicago and the time I got to spend with friends. Especially CM for letting me stay with her. And log onto her profile and write to boys pretending to be her. That was quite a lot of fun.

I'm loving...eating green things again. I came back to DC on Monday and went right out to immediately load up on salad and veggies for the week. Do you all ever get home from a vacation or even a weekend road trip and think you will just DIE if you see another burger/fry/chicken finger/piece of pizza again?? I think by sometime late Saturday, CM and I were both completely over eating crap...yet managed to still put away some sliders, Parmesan fries, and soft pretzel dipped in cheese sauce on Sunday night. Real troopers, that's what we are.

I'm loving...the boy guy at the bar on Thursday night who incorrectly guessed that I had graduated college in 2007. Bless his heart. And no, I did not bother to correct him. Is that technically lying about my age?? I say no. I simply was too flattered to correct him ;)

I wish I was a big picture taker so I could share some photos of my trip with you. Sadly, all I take are stupid pictures like this one. Can you tell THIS was the bar where I was mistaken for being 25??

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The only good thing about coming back from vacation... sleeping in my own bed. Coming back to the office today? Not the same kind of warm and fuzzy feeling. It has actually managed to suck even more than I anticipated. Which I didn't think was even possible.

"How bad is that?" you ask.

Well let's just say, if I had bought a bag of jellybeans to include in a package I was going to mail to a friend, today was so bad I would have just ripped the bag open and eaten half of it.

Which, as you can imagine, means I can check "eat half a bag of jellybeans" off of my TO DO list for today. Boy, do I feel accomplished!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday - VACATION

Linking up again with This Kind of Love for What I'm Loving Wednesday

I am loving... VACATION. I was just so dang excited I had to put it in the title of the post! Today I am on my way back to CHICAGO, which is clearly my kind of town since I use any excuse to get over there. But this trip's excuse might just be super-dee-duper. Or just very *me*. When I was last in Chicago, we got into some conversation about how the first weekend of March Madness was going to coincide with St. Patrick's Day. Well that just sounded like a perfect reason to plan my next trip back to Chicago! This trip is even better because it is the first time in, well EVER, that I have travelled here just for ME and not with a work attachment. And it feels sublime. My last real vacation time off was August. And yeah, that is far too long to wait to take some time off.

I am loving...that as touristy as it may be, that I get to be here for St. Patrick's Day. The weather is calling for rain, but I won't let that damper my spirits. It also made a perfect excuse for a new pair of green wellies.

I am loving..."vacation" eating. I have tried to be especially on track with healthy (ish eating lately so that I could really ENJOY some calories in Chicago. I am not going to go completely off the deep (dish pizza) end or anything, but I am going to allow myself more than a few treats. I'll work it off when I get back, but every now and again you just gotta let go a little, right?

In case I am not able to post again, hope everyone has a fun St. Patrick's Day and a great weekend!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Some days, it's just going to rain

If you could kinda sorta tell, I have been pretty pensive lately. I'm actually quite prone to that...periods of time where I am feeling really introspective. Or times when things seem to feel overwhelming or difficult and I am just trying to make some sense of it all. The fact of the matter is, not all days can be sunny ones. I have always been of the mindset (and sometimes I need to be better at reminding myself) that all the bad situations and tough things you have to go through, well they just make you better prepared to truly appreciate and savor the good things that may come your way. That is honestly why I blogged about my internship. It wasn't to brag or boast (and I feel badly that that is what some people thought of my post.) It really was just my way of celebrating -- good things deserve to be celebrated. Especially if you are like me and good things are truly EARNED.

Some days, it's just going to rain. Hell there may be rainy seasons in some of our lives. I guess they can be easier to get through by holding on to the hope that sunny days will be right around the corner.

But in the meantime, I'll be sure to wear some cute rain shoes :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Taking an oh-so-quick-blink-and-it's-over break at work to link up with lowercase letters for Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Many of you (or at least people you may know/work with) are getting swept up in March Madness, or what I refer to as the most wonderful time of the year. You may be filling out brackets with your own proven selection process -- seeding, conference, mascot, uniform color, the team your high school boyfriend rooted for, whatever. No matter what method you use to figure out your own March Madness, good luck to you all. Oh, unless I am in the same pool as you. In that case, I hope the team you pick to win it all chokes in a stunning second round loss and your entire bracket becomes worthless.

And if you aren't all aware, and I see NO reason why some of you would/should be, today is Pi Day. Yes Pi, no "e." As in, 3.14. Which is why it is celebrated on March (3) 14th. Get it? What I am saying is, YES, there are people out there that felt the need to create a holiday commemorating the mathematical constant pi(π.)

Why do I know about Pi Day? Because I grew up with a math teacher for a mother. And can prove to you that the penchant/gift for all things numbers is most definitely not genetic. Or if it is, it definitely skips a generation.

Wishing you all a Happy Pi Day and enjoyable March Madness (again, unless you are in one of my pools....then I wish you nothing but loss and sadness)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

So much to little desire to do so

That's how I am feeling right about now. I feel like I have spent too much time this weekend thinking about too much. My mind was still churning as I was driving home tonight, thinking about something I wanted to sit down and write here. And then I actually got home, changed into pajamas....and lost all momentum. I have spent so much time this weekend alone with my thoughts that I think right now I need to take a break from that, let go of my own thoughts and worries for a bit, and spend some time with the Housewives of OC. Don't judge!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

A buried post still counts!

So I am staying on track for "40 Posts in 40 Days", albeit I may try and sneak these weekend posts in under the radar. Far fewer reading on the weekends, and I doubt peeps are making a point to make sure they catch up on my musings and shenanigans.

Yesterday was a real sh*t day. (And as a side note, please don't think I don't have perspective, I do. My heart breaks for those affected today by natural disasters today.) I have just had one of the worst weeks of my professional career. And if you know how varied and storied that career has been, that statement might actually mean something! But you can read the cherry on my sundae of the week to get a small glimpse.

But what I didn't share, the keys my fingers didn't hit...was that I broke down after that phone call at work yesterday. I hung up the phone and sobbed-my-mascara-off cried. For a solid couple minutes. I reached a real threshold moment. I wasn't "mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore" but I was just broken down, emotionally exhausted, and completely and totally defeated. It was a culmination of so many things happening at work right now, lightly sprinkled with some personal crap. You know, to give if some real flavor.

My only saving grace was that it was FRIDAY after all, so I quickly gchatted a friend to try and make some semblance of a plan to go out later. I just really and truly needed to not be sitting at home for the night -- thinking about how things are at my job right now, how there had been an unfortunate exchange earlier this week with Mr. Toothbrush (that, no, I hadn't talked about and probably won't), thinking about how much I wanted so many things to be better right now. Just needed to be out and about.

So it was so good that this person was on board and had been thinking the same thing. She would be getting home very late from work, but was ready to go straight out! YAY! I felt somehow saved and relieved. I felt normal for once -- I am just one of the other Dilberts who had a rough week at the office and now I was going to go blow off some steam.

When I got home from work, I immediately jumped in the car to run errands. Best to keep my momentum up and keep moving, if I sat down in the apartment long enough I would have just inevitably put on pjs and gone to bed.

Came home from errands at about 9:30 to an email with that dreaded phrase in it:

"Would you hate me if...."

No, honestly I would never set it in my mind to hate someone over something like cancelling plans. I wish I knew if that person actually thinks that of me (I hope not), or just feels some need to soften the inevitable blow of plans being demolished. She went on to recount her bad day at work (maybe it's going around?) and that she would have to be working again on Saturday, and was really just wiped out.

I assured her, "No problem at all! Maybe we can reschedule for Saturday and toast Justin Timberlake's newly single status!"

While I really wanted to be out and about last night, I honestly am comfortable enough with my age and my single status to be at home alone on a friday night, just me and the DVR. What made me feel like a real chump was to then find out she actually would just rather hang out with the guy she is currently seeing after work than me. Actually that's not exactly true. I should clarify that I did not feel like a chump because she preferred his company to mine, I get how intoxicating and fun new relationships are and you want to see that person as much as possible. What honestly made me feel like a real ass, was that she just felt it better/easier to lie to me than tell me the truth. I was more upset over that than I was over anything that happened at work this week. At work I can rationalize things by reminding myself that at least they pay to treat me like I am worthless.

Friday, March 11, 2011

But...I guess at least it's Friday??

I stayed a bit later at work last night to make sure things were taken care of as best they could be and had my work blackberry with me at all times when I got home last night. That's one thing I can say that isn't a lie...I never sleep alone. I always have my blackberry in bed with me. Oh and of course, my beloved James Franco!

I woke up this morning feeling ok, I mean at least it was Friday. Checking in on blackberry first thing when I got up, being responsive, trying to appropriately "manage expectations", running around all morning like a crazy person, leaving a meeting to go back to my PC to attach a PDF to an email for someone else to send (when yes, they had copies of both the email and the PDF themselves)...only to have the first few calm minutes at my desk all day be ruined by a phone call from a partner. A call to berate me because he thinks the cupcakes we had delivered to a meeting today were "rancid" and he will likely be sick. Five minutes he spent on the phone with me giving me the what-for. Over cupcakes. CUPCAKES.

And I took it. What else was there for me to do.

As I hung up that phone, I felt that tickle in the back of my throat again. I could feel those five letters rising up, scarily close to the surface.


Now, call me an English major nerd but I will never cease to be amazed by the power of language. That you could just string together FIVE little letters like that -- TWO FREAKING SYLLABLES -- that can convey so much. So much stress, so much weariness, so much defeat. So much anger, so much discontent. So tired, so beaten down. So much.

But, I guess at least it's Friday??

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tonight is the night

Tonight is a very big night. Not for me, but for the Coach (AKA my Dad.)

I posted back in December that one of the high points of the Christmas holiday for me was seeing how excited my dad got when he opened his gift from me, two tickets to see comedian Jeff Dunham.

Again, this guy is not really my cup of tea, but the Coach laughs SO hard over this guy, that he gets tears in his eyes. I'll be cheesy for a moment and say the best part of this craptastic day at work (coupled with the miserable rain here in DC today) was remembering that Coach was going to his comedy show tonight and thinking about how excited he must be.

Actually, to be honest, it would be kinda hard for me to forget he is going to the show, because I have gotten numerous texts, emails, and gchat messages these last two weeks from the Coach reminding me that the show was coming up. He gchatted me today to let me know he would tell Achmed (one of the puppet characters) I said hello. Hmmm...I wonder if he knows Achmed is really a puppet after all?

So I will be anxiously awaiting the Coach's report from his big evening out. Is it terribly sad that my Dad is the one with fun evening plans and I will be the one working late and then heading home to do laundry?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

40 Posts in 40 Days, take 2

So I have been thinking about what to give up for Lent this year. And since I failed miserable at my Lenten resolution from last year, I think I am going to give it another go. So here's to a more successful run of "40 posts in 40 days" - and yes, this definitely counts as post numero uno!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Signs that the economy may be rebounding?

The location of my office in DC is pretty high-traffic for panhandlers. (Do people still use that term?? I feel like I just sounded like someone from the 1940's using that word.) Many choose to target the CVS, asking people as they enter and exit the store for money.

Except for one guy....he asks people if they will buy him a Vitamin Water. Doesn't want spare change...doesn't even want a regular bottle of water. No, he would specifically like a bottle of Vitamin Water, please.

Another man frequent a corner by my office, right before you would cross the street to the Metro. He asks every day for "Quarters....dimes....nickels..." No pennies. He doesn't want your pennies.

Maybe these are some early signs that the economy is on it's way back up? Or at least signs that in DC, beggars actually can be choosers.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Miscellaneous Monday

I find myself in a position where I could start a number of individual posts that would likely be half-baked and sit in my drafts folder never to see the light of day (or light of screen, in this case.) OR, I could just take all my half-baked posts and compile them into one stream-of-though, loosely related post.

Guess which one I'm going to do?

Girl's Night Out Dinner I had referenced a Girl's Night Out some time ago that had been unfortunately whittled down to just a Girl's Night Dinner. This night out has been in the works for over 2 months, that is really how long it takes to find a date that would work for everyone, so I am proud of us for still holding on to the dinner reservation and making that happen. No matter, we managed to cram a lot of fun, food and drinks into that dinner. Our friend chose Zentan, a great combination of location, tasty menu, and the fact that it is the restaurant of Susur Lee from "Top Chef Masters." This same friend became a bit of a Top Chef groupie for the evening and giddily took photos with both Lee and Carla Hall, another "Top Chef" alum who happened to be dining there that evening. It was just beyond words wonderful to be able to get out of my apartment for the evening and spend time with these wonderful ladies. I also felt very lucky to be able to break my good news to them first and have friends to share my excitement with and join in a little toast. And I needed to post this item first so KS didn't think I had forgotten to post something here, since she inquired at dinner, "Is this gonna make the blog?"

Reason #1653 I wish I had more DC Friends. Just found out that Tina Fey is making a stop in DC on her very small, 5-city book tour to promote her book "Bossypants". I will still go, since I have the weird ability to do just about anything solo -- trips, movies, dinners out -- and not think it weird going by myself. But it is times like these when I wish I had more friends in the area that I could just call up or email to go to things like this. I lamented to my hair stylist at my last appointment that one of the reasons I felt I wanted to leave DC was that I didn't have a "core group" of friends in this area that I could make plans with or go out with. "You how they do in the movies and on TV", I said to him. "I know," he said, "but I think those groups of friends can only be found in movies and on TV." Sigh.

You can never have too many cupcakes. As posted last week, I managed to swing an invite to the VIP opening party for the new Sprinkles store in Georgetown. I extended my good fortune to one of my former colleagues from my previous firm. We had quite the time sampling mini cupcakes, having our champagne flutes filled and refilled, meeting Candace Nelson herself, and making sure we had a swag bag in hand when we left.

Our bag had a box containing high-end cupcake mix, bottle of Madagascar bourbon vanilla extract, recipe for their chocolate frosting, and a gift card good for a dozen cupcakes. We were then allowed to select 4-6 cupcakes to take home with us. We both looked at the person taking our order and asked, "Um...who the hell would just take 4 home and not 6?"

I think at this point I have tried all the popular cupcake joints in DC and I think Sprinkles may be my new fave. If you find yourself in Georgetown, make sure to stop in and get a Peanut Butter Chocolate cupcake. I promise you, you will come back here and thank me later!

Saying goodbye. Remember when I came on here a while back, talking about my new found obsession with the show "Greek"? Over the past two weeks, I have finally gotten all caught up - finished watching the last season on Netflix and then started tearing through the new episodes that started back in January on ABC Family. Apparently just in time for the series finale tonight. Would you all think a little less of me if I confessed I am really, really bummed that this show is ending? I even re-watched the last 2 episodes with L last night and we both wondered aloud "How are they going to wrap everything up?!?" So right now, I am on the fence about watching tonight. I don't know if I am ready to say goodbye yet to a show that has become such a FUN guilty pleasure for me. And yes, I am this stung out over a TV show. ON ABC FAMILY no less. But I refuse to watch "Secret Life of an American Teenager." I mean, I gotta draw the line somewhere.

Friday, March 4, 2011

It's never too late...

I have never had an internship.

It's something I always planned to do in school, or at least assumed I would get around to. But I ended up getting very involved in a campus leadership position during my junior and senior years of college and, well, never got around to getting myself an internship.

In graduate school, I had the opportunity for a really kick-ass internship. But due to the travel it would have required, and the impact that would have had on my schedule, I was not able to take it. It would have been an incredible opportunity for me and to this day, I have literally been kicking myself in the ass over having to turn it down.

So maybe things in the universe are finally resolving this issue for me. I am really and truly, ridiculously over the moon happy to report, that I have an internship. I have been selected to be an intern at the BlogHer 2011 Conference. I feel beyond lucky, incredibly grateful, and immensely excited about this opportunity.

This posting today on Bits of Truth really resonated with me. Not just for how it related to this opportunity I've been given, but really this whole blogging experience in general.

Most people don't know this about me, (and I even mean most people IRL don't know this), but I actually have a Master's Degree in Media Communications. Within my coursework, I focused on writing. So a good chunk of my life for two-and-a-half years was spent alone with a computer. Writing short pieces, writing feature length scripts, writing everything in between. Creating characters, expressing ideas, and trying to find my voice. And I loved that time and how it helped to not only develop my abilities, but how it helped shape me as a person. Sadly, I have not yet had the chance to use that schooling in my professional life (well, not very much, anyway) but this whole experience of coming here to my own little corner of the web to write and create and share.....well, it's done me a world of good.

So with the gratitude I feel over being selected for this internship, there also comes a the feeling of gratitude for those of you that come here to this little corner of the web and read my ramblings, who laugh with me (and maybe sometimes at me!), who send me messages encouraging me....thanks.

So before this gets posting gets too mushy and sentimental, I wanted to wish you all a Happy Friday and a great weekend. Thank for the positive thoughts you have been sending my way recently -- looks like they paid off :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

It's going to be short and sweet for this week's What I'm Loving Wednesday, since I got home late last night (well late for me anyway) from the Sprinkles Party and have been running around non-stop today. Actually just now taking a break as I wait for someone to "OK" some work before I can finish things up for the night.

I'm loving....this little guy. I took a break from the craziness today to watch this and it totally lifted my mood. Just'll thank me!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

An apology

Just a quick post before me and James Franco head off to bed.

I owe some of you an apology. I gushed a few weeks ago about how much fun I was having with the swaps I was participating in and raved about the fabulous presents I received from MCW at Saving the Best for Last as part of my Valentine's swap.

A few people who participated in my Valentine's swap have written to me to let me know they never heard from their partners -- either never got their postal mailing address or, much worse, had their address and mailed a package and got nothing in return.

For those of you that had a bummer of a time with my Valentine's swap, I am so, so sorry, you have no idea. I wanted it to be fun for everyone and feel badly (embarrassed actually) that there are those that had a less-than-stellar experience with it.

So if you got dissed in my blog swap, will you please email me and let me know? I would honestly like to make it up to you. And you all know how good I am at shopping for presents!

Cupcakes and Champagne for dinner!

Oh my dear sweet baby Jesus, please stop this Tuesday, I wanna get off! This day (as well as yesterday) has been far too go-go-GO for my tastes and I feel kind of like a spinning top. And while I should be staying late in the office night to get stuff done, I simply can't.


Well, I have a very important date with a former colleague to go to the grand opening of Sprinkles in Georgetown. Yes, DC is going to be home to the first East Coast location of the cupcake biz that originated the whole craze.

The invitation promises a behind-the-scenes peek at the shop, appearance by the founder and Food Network star Candance Nelson, and that I can spoil my dinner with cupcakes and champagne. Now, I read that last part as "have cupcakes and champagne FOR dinner" -- wouldn't you?

I will try to take some photos if I remember, I am always so bad about taking pictures that I can post here.

OH, and for those curious about the results of yeterday's post....I got a very good night's sleep last night. We are talking 8 straight hours. I am seriously in love with James Franco -- both the real one, and also my new little buddy.