Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Creativity is a big YAY

I have always been what I would call a competent cooker. I got a lot of good italian cooking know how from my Gram and I can hold my own in the kitchen. But baking....love it. So fun. Makes me feel creative again and I miss being creative in work. And I miss being creative in life in general. Now that my roommate works a later schedule that me, I feel like sometimes I don't really get to see her. Those that know me well know I have a need to try and make people laugh and my roommate is a great source for testing my material :)

It can be a little embarassing owning up to being a bit of a creativity dork. I don't feel the need to hide my time in the high school drama program or that I took Art so that I could get out of Gym class. Then I move on to discussion of starting college as a dance major (and staying one for two years) and letting myself go get that Master's in Film and Visual Media. I do all that and still don't think of myself as a creative person. Because all of that is my weird-o version of normal.

So when I go home excited over baking some new cupcakes with a twist and that becomes the most exciting moment of my day, well I overlook it. When I get home, and get moving with my baking and put on my itunes in the background and sing and dance along with my cooking....well theres a good part of me that knows that's not normal. But I know I LOVE it and have so much fun doing that. And some other texts with the new person confirm...this is not the "norm" by any means. Not everyone else dances around and (gasp) sings when they cook and bake in the kitchen.

Those people are missing the creativity gene that I have been reminded again I am so THANKFUL to have. Of course no one knows where it comes from since I have that jock and a brain for parents. Well someone somewhere in my family had to be creative....and I thank them and give them a big YAY

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wow. Seriously, wow.

SO there are a few people who are actually reading this thing. I am not trying to bulsh*t you when I say I am totally surprised (in a fantastic way) and will aim to be better. Seriously, if I have to backfill posts at this point, oh god help me.

I have a bunch recently that I thought I would like to post about so I will need to pace that out. A friend commented that you could run out of things to write about...I really don't think I could. I know, I know that must sound like total crap. I'll try to explain - in a roundabout way of course.

Have you seen "Up In The Air"? No? You should. I really recommend it. Its one of the few films I have seen in the past 8 or so years that I wished had come out when I was in grad school. So that I could have great conversations about it or write an incredibly brilliant and insightful paper about it. Cause I used to do that, you know in my former life :)

So I loved this movie for a ZILLION reasons. I like that it's a commercial film (more or less) that makes a statement about our current day life. Kind of love that aspect of it actually. How technology has moved us and distanced us all at the same time. I kind of bond with George's character for the fact that he is just distant from his family. Not by choice or on purpose....but just that that can happen while everyone maintains an aura of knowing what everyone else is up to. My mom knows if I am going out of town because she sees my facebook status update. My Dad knows the cost of a gallon of gas in VA (yes, he does ask about it) because he's learned how to text to ask me about it. See these advances in technology doesn't make us closer. Just more informed.

Most people know me know I HATE talking on the phone. A very few people get a pass on this one -- V and A come to mind -- but by and large, no phone thank you. And I cannot tell you why that is. I was never attacked by a phone as a small child or anything similarly traumatic enough that would cause my phone phobia. I think it may be one of two things. First, I have to have far too many long, boring and painful phone calls for work so I think that makes me inherently hate talking on the phone. Yeah, I know that's a sweeping generalization but come on, just work with me here.

The other, is that I am a person who has grown accustomed to being overlooked, unheard and just sort of glanced over. Now, I am not trying to get all heavy and Dr Phil or anything like that, but that is just me. That's who I have always been to groups of friends. The one in the background. I usually put everyone else first ad no one ever asked me to do that....it's just what I am preprogrammed to do. I think when you become increasingly used to no one caring about what you might have to say....well then you don't say it out loud.

This post may have been a little too self indulgent for my tastes, but I got to writing again, so that's a good thing. It's all about taking baby steps. So getting (eventually) to my earlier basic point is that no one else is talking to me about these things and my thoughts...so I really do have plenty to post. True, its because I have a lack of anyone willing to listen to my ramblings but hey, that just means I have more to write here.