Friday, September 20, 2013

Five on Friday

1.  Big news you guys....I am an Aunt! My brother and SIL welcomed a baby boy on Wednesday.

And this is obviously an even bigger deal because it is their first child and my parents' first grandchild.  He is such a cute little nugget and I am looking forward to getting to meet him very soon.

2.  Also, this kid is going to be S-P-O-I-L-E-D.  I may have gone a tiny bit overboard with the baby shower gifts.  I just kept buying things as I saw them over the last few months without keeping track...and had accumulated QUITE the collection by the time the shower rolled around.  But the thought of adorable little outfits and a whole new set of things to be monogrammed is just too much for me. 

I have spent too much money with Stellybelly for a woman with no kids
Lands End monogrammed totes....I just can't quit you!

3.  We have had Honeycrisp apples in the work pantry this week. This pleases me greatly.  For as many downsides I have found to my work/office over the course of my tenure, I will admit it IS a really nice thing to be able to go to the pantry and enjoy a snack.  Especially when it means I don't have to BYO apples.

4.  It's the freaking weekend.  Enough said.

5.  Today, MVP has the honor of laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery.  I drive past Arlington Cemetery every morning and it is just such an awe-inspiring and moving sight to see all those white markers.  To say it gives you true perspective on what's really important in life is an understatement.  You think about all those people who made the ultimate sacrifice and the families and loved ones that mourned that loss.  I am really just so proud of the important work that MVP does and can only try to understand how meaningful today's event will be for him. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

OMGYG -- nailed it!

MVP was out of town for work for a whole week.  I got to have some alone time, dinner with friends and their babies, watch whatever I wanted on the TV, you know the drill.  It was me, my yoga pants and a whooooooole lotta Bravo.

One night I was looking at my sad, naked finergnails and rememebred I had a new polish product (a QVC purchase, obvs) that I had yet to try.  And Omigod!Omigod you guys! (remember when I thought that would help me post more regularly? Yeah, I had forgotten too) this stuff is a revelation. 

Julep's Freedom Polymer Topcoat is a total gamechanger.  I love gel manis -- that mirror like shine and the lack of drying time.  And I have even invested in all the tools and products so that I can have a DIY gel mani-pedi at anytime.  But the biggest PITA with gel polish?  Removal.  Second biggest? Limited color choices.

Enter the Freedom Polymer Topcoat.  The topcoat is "activated" by light, creating a unique polymer coat that prevents chipping and leaves your nails with a gel-like shine.  The quick-dry formula cures under regular light in 3-5 minutes.  Better yet? No more gel-removal hassle - any nail polish remover does the job.

And on the subject of color choices, I am in serious love with the shades offered by Julep.  Because I love my monthly beauty subscriptions (currently get Glossybox and Birchbox), I was intrigued by Julep's MAVEN service.  You take a quick quiz so they can get an idea of your style and tastes.  Your first MAVEN box will ship within three business days.  I promise you, you will LOVE coming home and being greeted by a little box packed with two polishes chosen just for you and some other beauty goodies. 

Each month I look forward to getting my MAVEN box with new nail colors, cult faves and other beauty products that are just right for me. Better yet? I am totally in control and can decide how often I receive my shipment and can cancel at any time.  But I have been obsessed with the colors they send me so don't see myself cancelling anytime soon.

Even better, Julep sends me a preview email so I can see what I will get in my next shipment.  If I take a peek and decide I want to try a different style, send my box to a friend (how sweet of an option is that?) or skip the month (and the bill), I just log into my account and submit my request.

Seriously you guys....Treat Yo Self.  You've been working deserve it.