Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Pinterest Goggles Are Real

I am trying to sloooooooowly get myself away from the post-engagement "PIN ALL THE THINGS!!!!!!" phase.  I mean really, given my pinning skills, this wedding is pretty much planned, right?

Yeah...uh...not so much.  Planning a wedding with Pinterest is like having the unlimited meal plan at college.
"Chicken fingers for everyone! My treat since  swiping my student D is basically the equivalent of spending monopoly money, amiright?"


 Wrong.  So. Very. Wrong.

I knew it before, obviously, but now that MVP and I are in the throes of planning, I feel like I have a permanent expression of "That costs how f*@king much?!?" on my face.

I have an ungodly amount try to keep a healthy dose of skepticism when it comes to DIY projects.  Because I know I have been at the crafting rock-bottom before.  Sitting on the floor, crying, clutching a glue gun and looking around at the total mess I made of $128 dollars of "supplies" from Michael's.

Have you experienced something similar? If you have (and it's okay if you are too ashamed to admit it...), this experience should be forever known as Pinterest Goggles***. Much like with beer goggles, what starts out as fun eventually takes a sharp turn down This-is-a-Horrible-Idea Avenue, and we don't have the mind to stop before it is too late.  And with both, there is usually a ginormous mess to clean up the next morning.

***I AM GOING TO MAKE THIS PHRASE HAPPEN.  That may also involve trademarking this phrase...so clearly I am not going to get much done today. If any TM lawyers have stumbled across this post, gimme a shout.

That said, there are a few things that I have seen on Pinterest that I would like to try.  Partly because they may be more budget-friendly, but also so I can feel like I am doing something other than just signing contracts and sending deposit checks.

The other day, I mentioned one of my ideas to MVP and showed him some pins so he had a visual.  
Let's just say, he was not into it.  Not so much because of what it was, but because I was going to take on the task of making it.  I appreciated his concern, and tried to explain that I am well aware there is the very real possibility this project could send me off the crafting deep end a chance it may not turn out exactly right, but the wedding is 8 months away. That is plenty of time.
He looked at me with that expression that simply says "I am filing this away so I can say 'I told you so!'"
I think we agreed to disagree on the issue...and by that I mean we just stopped talking about it and he left to go watch TV in another room.  Feeling full of  "I'll show you!" moxie, I jumped on Amazon and loaded my cart with supplies.  Ordering online has an added bonus of not having that personal interaction with the Michael's/A.C. Moore cashier, who looks at you with a mix of empathy and pity as she rings you up for a shopping cart FULL OF STUFF that she knows is never going to come to its intended crafting fruition.

It's an endless cycle, people.  Just like the morning after a long, late night of drinking, when the fog and haze of the beer goggles has gone, you vow you are never doing that again.  And then later - could be a month, could be a year, you forget all about that promise.  That's me and my struggle with my inner-Martha-Stewart-wannabe.  Oh Pinterest goggles....I just can't quit you!!