Monday, February 28, 2011

I'm sleeping with James Franco tonight

Sort of....

Recently LMCBW over at how I met your father blogged about Hot Hugs and how it was really helping her sleep. And with all the sleep troubles I have had the past couple months, I am down to try anything people recommend. I quickly got on Amazon (remembering I had a gift card to use -- yay!) and made my purchase.

Fast forward to today. I actually came home from work a little early because I am seriously not feeling well. I think a lot of it has to do with stress and the roughly 3 hours of sleep I managed to get last night. So when I walked up to my apartment, I instantly felt a teensy bit better when I saw that beautiful box from Amazon waiting for me on the doorstep.

Here he is...isn't he just so stinking adorable? I've named him James Franco. And he will be nestled in bed with me tonight and hopefully will help me clock some quality snoozing time.

And I will try and take a little better care of him than LMCBW's recent mishap with her Hot Hug zebra named Clarence.

I had some great post lined up for today all about the Oscars and what not...sadly I was working during a big chunk of the awards last night (I. Was. Livid.) and then running around like a crazy person today at work as well. So hopefully tomorrow...won't you please come back and visit again then?

Sunday, February 27, 2011

How Do I Look?

So....notice anything different? I got a makeover! It was one of the two big blog news items I wanted to share with you all. There are still a few "under construction" areas that are coming soon, but I must tell you I am in head over heels in LOVE with my new look. And I cannot rave enough about Trica of Tricia Nae Designs that did this fabulousness. She was simply amazing to work with and, as you can see, does wonderful design work.

I rarely ever post on the weekend, so you know I was too excited to wait until tomorrow to share! Hope you all are having a great weekend and Happy Oscar Day!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday

Ok, so remember that one time....when I had a great post I had been working on....and then evil people and forces at work conspired against me...making having some time for a few edits and then clicking post impossible? Sure you remember, cause it happens to me at least 3 times a week!

ANYwhoozle, big thanks to Lauren at The Little Things We Do for hosting a Fill in the Blanks Friday and giving me an easy peasy way to get a posting done anyway. You know, even if it isn't one of the roughly 9 super-awesome ones that I had planned on posting today.

1. I am currently obsessed with laughing cow cheese wedges and special K crackers. I love getting my "cheese and crackers" fix for 125 calories. It's pretty flipping incredible.

2. Today I am tired. But that really doesn't differ from any other day, does it? Ok, ok. Um...well I am also really excited about two things that I can't quite share yet (for different reasons) because they make me feel like this little corner of the web I have claimed for Deviled Megs is a really, really good thing.

3. The age I am is 33, eeks! and the age I feel is depends on the day. Some days I feel tired and stressed and worried enough to be in my 50s or 60s. Other days I feel so non-grown up or unsure of myself that I might as well be back in college. Other times -- perhaps like this weekend when I see college girlfriends - I honestly don't feel a day over 25

4. My favorite place is being at/near the beach I think. I associate a lot of happy memories with the shore so I think of it as a favorite place.

5. Something I have been procrastinating is balancing my checkbook and then paying two f#@*ing speeding tickets I got in the mail yesterday. Stupid cameras.

6. The last thing I purchased was a coke zero. I have been so good at not drinking soda, but just caved today. Blame it on the evil people ad forces at work mentioned in the beginning of this post.

7. The thing I love most about my home is hmm, not sure how to answer this one. Since I have been going through so much lately feeling out of place, I really don't have anything that jumps out at me. I think the one thing I can say I am liking recently is that I was finally able to clean and do laundry last weekend. So right now I love that I can see the floor in my room and have clean clothes to wear!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I think I may spend some time polishing up some of these draft posts I have been working on. The highly touted "Girl's Night Out!" that I mentioned earlier this week has fizzled down to a "Girls Night Dinner!" but I am looking forward to it just as much and so very happy it did nto get cancelled altogether. And of course I have my Oscars to watch on Sunday night - so very, very excited for that.

And *hopefully*, I will be able to share at least one of those two things I am excited about with you all very, very soon!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

This little lady

is already ahead of the game. Preach, girl.

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Linking up with This Kind of Love for What I Love Wednesday. This is going to be a quick one, but snaps to me for still managing to get in a post today!

I'm loving...boys in glasses. Deviled Megs would definitely make passes at boys who wore glasses. ESPECIALLY the two below. You know, if I were one who made passes. (Maybe I should try to become that sort of person??) But there was a mysterious-ish handsome guy in the grocery store last night and I think I was really mainly attracted to him because of his glasses. But Mr. Franco and Mr. Ruffalo are most definitely my "type", so if you know of anyone in the DC area fitting that kind of description, um, hello...let me know! Actually, doesn't need to be local, as regular readers know I may just be itching for reasons to move. Who wants to play matchmaker for Deviled Megs? ;)

I'm loving...the Oscars. Have loved them since I was very little. Have practiced acceptance speeches I would give over and over in my head. I actually have a very deep relationship with movies in general (a post for sometime soon, I promise you -- it's actually in the works) So the Oscars is a bit like the Superbowl of movies, don't you think? I love the red carpet arrivals, I love the acceptance speeches, I love the build-up and excitement. And every year for quite some time now, I have held my own little tradition of buying a new pair of pajamas for Oscar night, drinking champagne while I watch and having appetizers for dinner. It's the little things in life. Anyone else doing anything exciting for Sunday's Oscar Ceremony?

I'm loving... that Mr. Franco is not only nominated, but will be hosting this year's ceremony (with Anne Hathaway) and that Mr. Ruffalo will also be there as a nominee. Yay.

I'm loving...that I was enough of a nerd to set up a Facebook page for this here little blog. You haven't heard? Get on board with it! Yes this item was on the list last week, and I am keeping it this week. Shameless self promotion, I know. But I will tell you this bloggy peeps, if no one else is going to promote you, sometimes you take matters into your own hands!

I'm loving...Adele. If you don't know her or aren't familiar with her amazing talent, see my post from yesterday. Trust me, you will be thanking me later.

I'm loving...that I once again had a mommy friend come to the rescue, and let me head to her house for a playdate with her and her little man, T. I needed to get out of my apartment in the worst way this weekend, and she came through for me big time. And there is nothing not to love about spending time hanging out with little man T, he sort of rocks. he even shared his goldfish crackers with me, what a guy.

I'm loving...that I just may have two very fun blog-related news items to share with you very soon, maybe even this week! Stay tuned please....

Monday, February 21, 2011

When something really lives up to the hype

Because most often, things do not, am I right?

So I will keep this post short and sweet today. Partly because I am feeling incredible ill and stressed out today. But mostly because I can't do this topic justice with words. You just need to trust me.


I became slightly obsessed with her when I first heard her, around late 2007. I am not using that word for dramatic effect either -- obsessed. I am one who is literally awestruck when I come across people that are just so f*cking talented you feel like you can't speak. That when they open their mouth to sing, you want to cry. Their voice is just so **MUCH** it literally moves you. That is how I felt when I first heard her. Don't get me wrong, I love the Britneys and the Christinas and the Gagas and everything that is out there right now that is really produced and packaged as a whole "act." I am not saying those people aren't talented artists. But you listen to Adele and her voice is so amazing and her talent is just so undeniable you just feel something. And if you don't....well you may be dead inside. Do you also not saw "awww" when you see a picture of puppies or when you hear babies laugh? No? Ok then yes, you are dead inside.

I owned Adele's first CD "19" before it was hip or cool or talked about. Well before she won her (well, well deserved) Grammy awards. I'm glad many folks did eventually catch on to her...but I feel that it is my duty to inform you that if you haven't, WTF are you waiting for?

Today is a good day to discover Adele if you have not yet done so. Her new album "21" came out today and I literally bounced up and down last night when I got the itunes email that my preorder was available to download a good couple hours ahead of schedule. Gracias, manzana.

It's really wonderful....she is just beyond words to me. So I won't use any more here to try and tell you just how wonderful. You can watch this clip of her perfoming at a recent British Awards show and tell me you aren't moved. Go on....I dare you.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Questionnaires - perfect for when you are too brain dead to come up with original content!

The lovely MCW - she of awesome blog swap gifts - tagged me in her recent postingProust Questionnaire. And friends, please believe me when I tell you that I am a total suckah for a questionnaire.

What is your idea of perfect happiness?
I think it changes at different stages of your life. Right now for me, perfect happiness for me would be feeling excitement about something new and wonderful happening in my life. But on a day like today, I would settle for drinks on a patio with good friends. Who says I don’t know how to compromise?

What is your greatest fear?
Not realizing my true potential.

Which figures do you most identify with?
The coolest, nicest, smartest, prettiest ones.

What is the trait you most deplore in yourself?
Being too critical.

What is the trait you most deplore in others?
Arrogance and selfishness.

What do you most value in your friends?
People who will show up for you when you need them the most – on your happiest days and your darkest ones too. Who will remind you of your worth and ability when you have forgotten.

Which words or phrases do you most overuse?
sorry (have a HUGE nasty habit of apologizing for things)

What is your favorite journey?
Probably the one I am on. Even though it gets frustrating, I really know it will have an amazing ending.

What do you consider the most overrated virtue?

What is your favorite occupation?
Any career that started as someone's passion. (stealing this from MCW as I wholeheartedly agree)

What do you dislike most about your appearance?
Am I allowed to say everything? Maybe I will just go with height.

What is your greatest regret?
My graduate school studies or not relocating after graduate school

What or who is the greatest love of your life?
books/stories/the written word (go ahead and roll your eyes, but this is my truthful answer)

When and where were you happiest?
I don’t think there is one point…it’s more like I have mental snapshots of things over the years where I know I felt that overwhelming surge of happiness. One relationship in my life in particular…I think it’s only now years later that I realize how happy I was and how good I had it at the time. But I think I am always happiest when on a vacation!

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
I wish I was a little bit taller. I wish I was a baler. If I had a girl in the hood…oh, wait, sorry that’s not it. I wish I could see myself with some more objectiveness and some more clarity. At certain points I think other people see me more honestly that I am able to see myself. But I also wouldn’t mind being taller.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?
Oh geez…this is a hard one for me. Is it bad if I really can’t think of this right now?

What is your most treasured possession?
probably photos

What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?
Loneliness (again, have to agree with MCW)

Where would you like to live?
In a place that feels like home…where when I leave for vacation or work travel, I don’t feel worry or sadness on the plane ride back.

What is your most marked characteristic?
my eyes

What is your greatest extravagance?
Ha, I probably have too many but I will go with manicures and pedicures. Not necessary but oh so worth it.

What are the qualities you most like in a man?
A sense of humor – and not just because ALL girls say that, but if someone can’t genuinely make me laugh and doesn’t get my sense of humor, then we have no shot.

Who are your favorite writers?
E. E. Cummings, Ernest Hemingway, Kate Chopin, Salinger for “Nine Stories” not “Catcher in the Rye”, Louisa May Alcott, Harold Pinter, Eugene O’Neill, Tennessee Williams, Shel Silverstein

How would you like to die?
Happy and content

Who is your favorite hero of fiction?
Jo March

Who are your heroes in real life?
The men and women who serve our country, children who are battling illnesses or who do extraordinary things that most adults could not

What is your motto?
I do not fear storms, for I am learning to sail my ship.

And I think I am supposed to "tag" some more people...but I am just too exhausted to think that much, so if you need a good questionnaire or something to post, feel free to use this!

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Seriously. No, seriously this time.

Image borrowed with love from the fabulous Bits of Truth

Have you made a bold move in your life? A monumental leap where you were so scared you felt like you were going to just burst apart? You have? Then I really and truly (almost desperately) need to hear from you.

I need a change in my life. A huge one. Like the biggest one I could ever make. I have felt something inside me for a while now that DC is not the place I am meant to be. I don't know exactly where it is that I am supposed to be (although my Chicago peeps are swaying me pretty hard core at the moment) but it is growing more and more apparent to me that it is not here. I have tried (very, very hard) to make here be the place I should be. It was a good effort, but I can't force it. I just don't think it is meant to be.

And I want so much to move on..but I honestly don't know how I do that. Does that sound so ridiculous? I am too scared to just quit my job. On top of the fact that I do not have a secret trust fund or a money tree growing at home to finance such a choice.

So for those of you that have done something monumental in your life -- made a huge change or a bold move -- can you please share your thoughts, insights, and words of wisdom with me now? Because I need them. I have never felt so ready, so very much IN NEED of changing the direction of my life as I feel now. And I don't want this to pass me by. I don't want to find myself waiting for something that I know isn't coming to find me where I am right now.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Linking up with This Kind of Love for What I Love Wednesday. I know this particular Wednesday may be a bit of a stretch to find many things I am currently loving...but there is a short list worth sharing.

my hair stylist. I know, I know....I have already professed my undying love for him here on my blog. But it is worth stating again today that I just love him so very much. I was supposed to be seeing him tomorrow and was so looking forward to it. I needed that few hours of beauty therapy like you would not believe right now. But situations at work have caused me to cancel and reschedule my appointment with him not once, but twice in the last few days. And every time I cancel and rebook, I am pushing this much needed appointment off by weeks. I mean part of the reason I love him is because he is so stinking talented, and that is no secret to his clients so he books fast. And when you cancel, good luck getting in again anytime soon. So you'll realize why I nearly wept with joy when I received a Facebook message from him this morning asking if I was free this Saturday to come in. Here's where the love part comes in...he doesn't work Saturdays. He'd be going into the salon on a weekend day off to help me and my sorry @ss out. Love, love, LOVE him. I wrote him back immediately so hopefully come Saturday, I will be sitting in his chair getting my hair did. Cause both my outside and my inside needs that couple hours of beauty quiet time right now.

I'm loving...that I reached 100 followers. Amazing doesn't even begin to accurately describe how that feels. Thanks a million to everyone for their support and encouragement. Even those of you that stalk my blog and don't officially follow. Yes, including you family members who read this. Except for the Coach...still kind of creeps me out that the Coach may be reading this.

I'm loving...that I was enough of a nerd to set up a Facebook page for this here little blog. You haven't heard? Get on board with it!
I'm loving...the upcoming 3-day holiday weekend. One less day in this office?? Yes, please.

I'm loving...that I have a lot of favorite shows to watch on my DVR. I have been so busy lately that there is a lot backlogged and I am looking forward to an extra day of weekend to catch up on some TV time.

I'm loving...that the sun has been out this week and we have enjoyed some unseasonably warm temps here int he DC area. I wish it was here to stay...but I will certainly take whatever I can get right now!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I am in love!

With swapping! Seriously I have had such fun with swaps the past month or so. Usually a mystery package in the DC area warrants a call to Homeland Security and a building evacuation, but all of the mystery packages I have been getting lately are ridiculously fabulous.

For one swap, Hannah from Survivin on Coffee and Dreams sent me two beautiful necklaces. Hannah, if you are reading, I wore the pink one yesterday and cannot tell you how many compliments I received!

I did a few other swaps and got so many goodies. I am so sorry for not being more on top of things and posting pics on here.

But I came home today to my very special package from my own Deviled Megs swap....and nearly bounced up and down with excitement with everything in the box. MCW gets bonus points for using tissue paper to wrap things and actually writing out a card. I think I may have just shoved all her treasures in a bubble mailer. I know, I totally suck sometimes.

But just look at all my loot today!!

Pajama Pants, Lilly P photo book, round notes and notepads, heart-shaped cookie cutter set, valentines mug with Twizzlers and PB M&Ms in it ( long will those last...probably not through tonight!), Ghirardelli chocolates, and some trident gum and a ring pop. In cherry, my favorite flavor!

MCW, you have made my day...and my whole week. Thank you!!!

***Also, flowers in this photo are from AB. Just want to give her credit or else I may get an earful about it later! :)***

Odds and Ends and when will this freaking week end?

Let me start off by asking you how in the hell it is only Tuesday?!?! I am totally serious, I feel like it could be at least Wednesday if not Thursday. That can't be good...and won't make for a muy bueno rest of the week, that's for sure.

So I just have some this-n-that, odds-n-ends stuff for today. But wanted to take a little break today and post something. You know, before I engage in some workplace violence and land my @ss in jail. I imagine the weeks likely feel even longer there, so I'd like to refrain from getting myself locked up if I can help it.

1. Today is L's 30th Birthday!!! She is a fabulous friend and part-time pseudo-life partner and I wish her nothing but happiness and good things in her thirties. We had a great time toasting the birthday girl this weekend. My favorite contribution to the evening was this adorable photo cake. Love it. Want to only have photo cakes for everything moving forward.

I also made fun photo boards (with the help of the assistant at work...and no, with the crap that I have been put through at work lately, I don't really feel guilty about that!) and we got some requisite 30-themed decorations from the party store. Side note, was furious at the party store for not having any Justin Bieber-related merchandise. and yes, we asked. The Bartender that was serving us in the back room of the bar where she held the party was great, really nice and helpful. I laughed that this is how the iPhone took this photo...because he may have looked just that blurry after those two shots!

2. I do appreciate the nice comments and caring emails I have gotten from blog peeps lately. SO much. Trust me, even if things can't be fixed at this very moment or look a little bleak for the time being, your kind thoughts and words help me feel less better and less alone. But please trust me, there is little chance anyone can top my world's worst Valentine's Day yesterday. I confided to 3 people about it and they had to hand it to me...they really could not think of anyone they knew to have something as equally or more sh*tty happen to them. I wish I could stop winning the "sh*ttiest things that happen to a person" contest. The prizes totally suck.
• 2a. I did have a Valentine's Day package from my Mom with two sets of Lilly P pjs - one for me and one for L.
• 2b. Pat on the back to me for actually giving L the other pair of pjs and not keeping both sets for myself.
• 2c. Have I ever posted about my borderline weird obsession with matching pajamas? Hmm, lemme check on that. If not, you will all be reading about it this week.

3. I got to get in some fabulous QT with Baby HB on Saturday morning before going to pick up the birthday cake. God bless my friend for answering my text and letting me come over for some baby therapy on Saturday morning. It made me totally forget about everything I have been stressed and upset about for a few hours and helped me so so much. And again, I may be totally biased, but my friends make the world's cutest babies, I kid you not. Baby HB cracks herself up by staring at her reflection in the mirror, it's hilarious. She also waved for the first time while I was there -- a very regal wave that looked like she should have been riding on a float in the Parade of Roses, loved it.

4. When I went to the kitchen here at work this morning, I noticed the below. This seems like quite a sadistic marketing set up, don't you think? What would J. Hudson think of this?

5. Bieber tunes featured on "Glee" tonight. I am not embarassed to admit that is one of the main things getting me through today.

6. I really hope my future adopted Asian Baby doesn't want to go to college some day, because I am blowing her college fund on Chop't salads. I need to stop "treating" myself to them every day.

7. Whatever I don't blow at Chop't was handed over to Miss K. Spade and her online sample sale this morning. Seriously, I was totally powerless against it.

8. My purchase of new purses made me think I have some older "gently used" purses that I am just not in love with any more. Anyone have any experience/advice with selling to consignment shops, or even on ebay?

That was quite a long collection of odds-n-ends...kinda shows you how scattered my brain is these days!

Monday, February 14, 2011

This Valentine's Day would be funnier if it was in a movie

I am not writing this post to garner sympathy or pity. I am not fishing for comments or kind words. I promise you. It's just what I want to do to end this Valentine's Day. And it's my I can do what I want, right?

This has officially been my worst Valentine's Day. Ever. I wish I could tell you all exactly why...but it's just not something I want to get into right now. Or on this blog. Maybe another time, maybe not. If this wasn't happening to me, if I was watching this all in a movie or on a sitcom, I'd probably be laughing. Unfortunately, it's all really happened and I can't laugh at it just yet. I don't know that I will get to a place where I can laugh at it. And if I do, it's likely I am just laughing to that people don't know how hurt I am underneath it all.

One of the only things that has sort of helped me to face forward, fake smile plastered on my face, and keep plugging away this past month hasn't just been the ridiculously busy schedule I have been keeping. It's been this stupid secret I have been keeping - I've been playing a bit of a trick on myself. I've been telling myself that Mr. Toothbrush didn't really exist. He was like Snuffleupagus or something, he just wasn't real. And if he wasn't real, then neither were my feelings, and I have nothing to be upset about, right? If he didn't exist, then being upset or feeling hurt isn't even an option.

But he is real...he does exist..and he did call me last week to just make everything worse for me. I know my dumb little mind trick was just that - dumb. But it was helping, as silly as it was. And now I just feel incredibly upset, confused, and hurt all over again.

Something that I said this weekend, something I know I say often (or some iteration of it), was that "at least this all was happening to me and not someone else. Because I know I am strong enough to take it all on on my own." But it wasn't until saying it this weekend that I realized how f*cking ridiculous it sounds. I shouldn't have to do all this and go through some things just because I know I am built to handle it and just because I happen to be strong enough to do it all. It's not okay. It's really, really not okay.

I am hoping this really was the worst Valentine's Day that I will ever have. I really deserve only good ones moving forward.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Because God has a sense of humor... iPod has officially gone MIA. Last time I had it was in my office yesterday, so there is a really good chance it got lifted from there (we've had thefts in our office in the past)

Guess now I know what part of my bonus will be spent on! Now to decide which color...

Alrighty, God. That wasn't what I had in mind specifically....

So yesterday I made this posting. A little plea to God to maybe ease up a bit because I was near a breaking point. I have never been a super religious person, but I know sometimes there is a feeling of peace you can get from just releasing your worries and concerns and thoughts and fears into the universe. Just letting them go and hoping the act of doing so may bring some positive things back around into your life.

So today I get a call from one of my bosses. It's bonus time. And she goes through the schpeal of how they are pleased with my work and know that I am up against some tough situations, yada, yada, yada. Then she drops a number on me that is mucho higher than I was prepared for. I mean, not retiring to the Bahamas-high. Not paying off my student loans-high. But a nice bit more than I was even hoping for in a "best case scenario" way.

So thank you, God. Thank you for this generous surprise when I was least expecting it. This was not what I had in mind when I waived my white flag yesterday, but I will sure as heck take it!

Suggestions welcome on what I should treat myself to (even though I hear the responsible Deviled Megs loud and clear telling me what I should do with my little windfall)

BUT WAIT! There's more...There are exactly TWO ways this day could get even better.
One -- I noticed today I am just one person shy of 100 followers. Who wants to be my milestone by clicking follow and making me feel 3-digit legit?
Two -- deviled Megs has a Facebook page. Maybe that's creepy...but I like it. And you should too!

A possible third way this day could get better is if McDonald's now has Shamrock Shakes available...but I think I have to wait until at least after Valentine's day for that one. Hey, you can't have everything you wish for, right? ;)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Are you there God? It's me, Deviled Megs.

Listen, I know we don't talk as often as we should...and I know that's mostly on me. But I'm talking now. And I hope like heck that you are listening.

I appreciate that you will never give me anything that I can't handle. I know that what does not kill me will only make me stronger. And after many years of ups and (way too many) downs, I consider myself one strong chickadee. I often take so much on and keep so much to myself, just because I know that I can and I feel some sort of guilt burdening others with my problems.

But I think I am finally at a point where I need to waive the white flag. I am just about at my breaking point. I know that you, in your infinite wisdom, have a better idea of how much I can withstand and where my breaking point is. But c'mon...just because you know exactly where that point is, does that mean we have to push me right up to it?

Can I get a break for just a little bit? Look, I am not asking for you to ease up on me FOREVER...just a little rest from these recent storms. Because I am gonna be honest with you big guy. I know that right now, I am so much worse for the wear. I have not felt like myself in weeks. I have been plastering a smile on my face and faking my way through the day-to-day for well over a month now. And I know you are already well aware, but that is exhausting.

I've tried very hard to be a good person. To treat others well. To help where and when I could. I have cared about others more than myself. And while I have never done that with the a thought of what it was going to do for me....well, then I am asking now, what does any of that do for me? Being a good person and treating others well has gotten me nowhere. It's gotten me lots of broken hearts - from both friendships and romantic relationships. It's made me feel alone. It's made me feel incredibly isolated. It's made me feel less than.

I have spent so long operating under the same belief I know many of my "friends" have -- we always need people to have it not so great, so that others can know what they have it better than that. God, I am so tired of feeling like I may be that benchmark that all of my friends can pat themselves on the back in relief knowing that they are better off by not being me.

Please understand, I know that I still have things to be thankful for. I don't want to give anyone the false assumption that I am revelling in some huge, unwarranted pity party and can't see the things I have in my life that are good or keep me sustained.

So that is where I am at right now. Asking God to please pump the brakes a bit on my life. Because I am shaken, I am rattled, and I am not liking how all of that feels at the moment.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Linking up again with This Kind of Love for What I Love Wednesday

I'm loving...Tabatha, from Tabatha's Salon Takeover. She gets sh*t done, and I like that. Now if only she did law firms in addition to salons, *sigh*

I'm new U of MD hoodie. I wish I could describe to you in great detail exactly how awesome it is, but you'll just have to trust me. It rocks.

I'm loving...sleep. Some of you that read this on the regular know that I have been having horrid sleep issues lately. I can't say they are getting significantly better, but I am trying to grab sleep when I can. And force sleep by Motrin PM when necessary.

I'm loving...that L's Birthday party is this Saturday. I think it will be my first time "out" in about a month, so I am very much looking forward to being out and about. And toasting her and wishing her a fun filled year of being "Thirty and Flirty"

I'm loving...that I'M MOVING!!!! Ok, well I am only moving offices at work. I am actually moving to a much smaller office with a weird dark green wall...but, I am moving away from the horrible next-door neighbor at work who has become virtually impossible to deal with. I wish I could go into detail, but she has drained too much of my time, energy and emotion over the past few weeks that I don't know that I have anything left to muster an explanation of her and how nasty she has been towards me. But I am seriously taking a hit by moving to a crappier office just to get some space between me and her. I will still have to work with her, which is unfortunate. but not having to see her all the time and physically be next to her will hopefully help things at work somewhat. Or as much as things here can be helped I suppose.

I'm loving...that L actually wants to see the Justin Bieber movie too. I am not someone with the Bieber Fever, but I am in love with the commercials for this movie and feel that I must go.

I'm loving...these lovelies from Georgetown Cupcake. Yes, THAT Georgetown Cupcake. They do custom orders and were absolutely lovely to deal with. I wonder if they made it onto their show, I know they are shooting new episodes.

So the cupcake may give away some of the mystery of where I have been the past few weeks and what has been going on. If you think it is as simple as "sorority BS" you would be so, very, wrong. But please have patience with me...I really am getting around to a posting on this one. I really am just trying to process all that has been going on the past few weeks (because it has not just been all about those cupcakes!)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Please stop the ride, I'd like to get off now

I feel like I have been riding one of these 24-7 for the better part of 3 weeks now. I also thought I would have gotten off the ride by today. So sure, in fact, that I had booked this as a vacation day and was hoping to maybe see a movie, take myself to lunch, get some overdue errands and cleaning done. Instead I will be doing none of that. I didn't even get to sleep in and have spent the better part of my morning on calls and emails.

I hope I will get some relief by later tonight. And I am sure I will be posting something to try and make sense of it all. Because I have been through such highs and lows over the past few weeks that right now I am just in a really confused space. And don't really know what to do with it. Or, more importantly, how to get out of it.

For a "vacation day" Monday, I am feeling more than frazzled. I feel spent, exhausted, drained, fried and completely worn out.
But still hanging in there....(or at least trying to)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The ONE time not sleeping well works in your favor... when Verizon starts pre-sales for the iPhone at 3am.

After putting my sorry @ss to bed at 9:30pm (yay! saved me the pain from watching my Terps lose too) I was waking up lots after about midnight. But when I woke once and checked the clock and saw it was 3:03am, I took advantage of the situation and ordered me an iPhone. Set to arrive into my life on 2/10/11.

Now to try and get back to sleep.....

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

On the one hand I cannot believe it is already Wednesday, and on the other hand I can't believe it is only Wednesday. Anyone else ever find themselves in that Catch-22 situation?

But wednesday it is, so let's go ahead and get to what I am loving this wednesday, shall we?

I'm loving....that pitchers and catchers report very, very soon. Screw Punxatawney Phil. Pitchers and Catchers is my heads up that Spring is definitely on the way!

I'm swap. It has been one of the few "fun" things I have going on right now to look forward to. And I would love to have a few more participants, wink wink ;)

I'm loving....good friends who save the day when you really need them. Whether that is picking up your prescription for you (thank you, L!) or calling you because you are in desperate need of hearing a friendly voice after so many unpleasant voices (love you, V!), I really am lucky some days to have some people in my life who can hold sh*t together for me when I feel like it's faling apart.

I'm loving....old friends. Over the past month or so, I have had quite a few chances to catch up with really old freinds from college...who have sent me funny notes on facebook or even stalked me down in my office and called me. It's happened at times where it has meant a lot to me to reconnect and share a laugh, so I am thankful for that.

I'm friendships and connections. I have had the fortune of stregthening connections with member of an Advisory Board I am currently a member of and it has really made the experience much better for me. Sounds kinda cryptic (and I will get to it in another post, I promise!) but the arena in which I volunteer a good bit of my time has put me through the wringer through the past week. I have had more than a few moments of wondering "Why the hell am I even doing this?" Thankfully, I have been supported by women who have reminded me why I am doing it and helped talk me down from the ledge :)

I'm loving....that I am only 5 people away from my goal of 100 followers. So if you are reading this and aren't a follower...well, just go click the button to follow me and make Deviled Megs a happy camper!

Most of all, I'm loving.... that this crazy busy period of volunteer time will be over (and back to a more reasonable schedule) in a week or so. Then I can go back to getting all my huge helpings of stress from work instead of spread across multiple outlets.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

This posting is brought to you by...Diet Coke

Because that is what I have been living off of for the past 4 days. Diet coke and not much else. I am tired and exhausted beyond belief. I could sleep for days. I have laundry piled up to the ceiling. And clearly owe you a posting about it to better explain.

I will get to it this week (I promise!) but wanted to take a quick minute to remind you about my Valentine's Swap! I hope you will participate -- oh pretty, pretty please?? You don't even need to be a blogger or have a blogger profile -- if you are reading this, just email me at DeviledMegsMail (at) gmail dot com. And join in the fun!!

For all of those out there who love Valentine's Day too. Or for all those looking for a reason to like Valentine's Day this year.
Here's the details:
• To participate, please leave your email address in the comment section below by Wednesday, Feb 2. I will send you your matches no later than Friday, 2/4.
• If you would like to participate but can't comment below, send me an email at DeviledMegsMail (at)
• To keep this as simple as possible (it's my first time guys) I am going to limit this to US residents. But I do love those of you reading all over the great big globe!! I was just told by those more experienced in all things swapping, that they ahve difficulty finding people who are willing to ship outside the US. I am a swap hosting virgin, so maybe this is not the case?? Feel free to enlighten me peeps!
• In the comments, leave some of your favorites - candies, treats, color, hobbies, whatever. Just some things that might give people some clues as to what to put in your Valentine's day care package.
• $20 limit (not including shipping) and just make sure it gets to your swap partner by Monday, Feb. 14th.

So whaddya say...want to help me celebrate Valentine's Day and spread the love?