Thursday, August 5, 2010

My latest obsession...

Because I seriously have not stopped thinking about this little guy for days. Those that know me know I have a serious weak spot for purses (and shoes...and jewelry...can't a girl have more than one weak spot?) Every year when holiday time rolls around, I toy with the idea of gathering up all my purses and posing in front of a crackling fire and use that snapshot as my christmas card. If it's okay for people with dogs and babies, I should be able to do it too!

But this little beauty is my latest obsession. This beautiful clutch that is fashioned to look like one of my favorite books. For the girl who wants to be chic but also stay true to her English major roots. It's a catch-22 really, because those with English majors usually work at jobs where they subsist on sandwiches leftover in the conference room after a meeting and couldn't afford this hefty price tag. Anyone want to start a collection for me? Or do I have a crafty friend out there who could make this? And if I do have that talented of a friend, why haven't you been making me more things, dammit!

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