Monday, August 9, 2010

This and that and looking ahead

I had a great for no reason weekend. Friday maybe not so much, but that's for another post. A very long and productive Saturday followed by one of the laziest Sundays I may have ever had. Like EVER. I'm talking accidentally falling asleep on the couch for two hours lazy. Changed out of my pajama pants twice and both times it was to leave the apartment to get food kind of lazy.

And now it's back to another mind-numbing soul-crushing week of the office. Just my luck, this one has already set off to be off the charts irrational and crazy, hooray for me. But for once in a long while, I don't find myself with that huge sense of "Prozac, take me away!" that can set in on one of these too busy for any sane person kind of weeks. I am feeling like there are some things just ahead on the road to look forward to, so maybe that's helping to brighten the outlook a bit. It's nothing that I can or even want to talk about right now -- cause I have tried to talk about it with a few people and they sort of gave me that "well bless your heart..." kind of expression. You know the one that means "oh you stupid, foolish girl...that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard." So thanks to those folks for their (lack of) encouragement and support...and I am going to keep my lip zipped for now.

So looking ahead...lord knows the stuff behind me is too dreadful to look at anymore. So life is a highway and all that jazz...focused on the road ahead.

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