Thursday, September 9, 2010

Office Observations -- why America is fat

Every month, my office holds a "monthly birthday party" to come together as a firm and celebrate everyone whose birthday is that month. These gatherings are complete with TWO kinds of cake and usually at least THREE kinds of ice cream. I rarely go because either (a) I am chained to my desk working on some project or (b) I owe someone a project and haven't finished it yet and don't want to run into them at the party.

Well today is the "September Birthdays Celebration" and even though I am actually on that list of honorees, I was not going to go up to the shindig. Mostly because of Reason A listed above but also because of Reason C - I don't feel like making mindless small talk with people I don't wanna talk to.

And I don't know why I just noticed it today - I am sure it happens every single month - but a staggering number of people from my floor (the tenth) have been pouring off the elevators with their HUGE bowls overflowing with cake and ice cream. No lie, most people get TWO BOWLS EACH. Because who needs the pressure of deciding between vanilla and chocolate cake??? Just get both. Unless you are on the bomb squad and have to pick which wire to cut, no one should be forced to make such challenging decisions.

Anywhoozle, so these office guys and gals are gorging themselves on cake and ice cream.

That they got from upstairs.

On the eleventh floor.

This sugar buffet was located up one flight of stairs.

Yet all these folks used the elevator.

I guess when you have a bowl in each hand, it's easier to press a button then open a door?

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