Thursday, September 30, 2010

This & That Thursday

• Because of all the rain here in DC today, traffic was more of a pain in the butt than usual. My assistant sent an email to me and two others letting them know her bus was still on the toll road. I responded to everyone letting them know that I too was held up in traffic. Not like no one can get a hold of me on blackberry but just being a good egg and letting them know. Someone then thought it necessary to email the ENTIRE DC OFFICE to let them know both of us would be late. They didn't even send that email out until 45 minutes AFTER I had gotten in. I really don't know what was accomplished there but I felt like I was getting called out for not having a hall pass or something.

• When I did arrive to the office, soaked from head to toe, someone asked me if it was still raining outside. "Nah....I just got confused this morning and dressed first and THEN showered." I hate stupid weather related office chit-chat more than anything. If someone else has a good way of getting out of those conversations, please be sure to share your secret with me.

• Maybe I just have a face where people want to ask me stupid questions? Earlier this morning as I was waiting at the bus stop in the rain, someone walks up and asks me if the bus has come by yet. "Oh yeah, it did. But I am enjoying standing out here in the pouring rain shivering that I thought I'd wait a few more before getting on a bus. You know...have some quality 'me time' out here" Again, any suggestions to get people to avoid asking me these idiotic questions would be really appreciated.

• Finally, some people have pics of their family/kids on their desk. Not me....can't figure out how long it'll be before someone raises an eyebrow at this. My money's on it happening by COB next Tuesday.


  1. You could walk around the office with your finger up your nose... people would avoid you like the plague and then you wouldn't have to endure the office chit chat... or you could have an ongoing ear infection and you can't hear a word they say! In any event, thanks for the giggle!!!

    BTW talk about a neat and tidy desky... Holy cow girl!

  2. Oh my gosh...I need that "Keep Calm" picture - except with "tequila" instead of "champagne".

    Tracy W.

  3. I like the keep calm picture. I have one that says every drink deserves a little umbrella.