Wednesday, October 20, 2010

30 DBC - Day 2

So for Day 2 of the 30 DBC (30 Day Blog challenge for those of you not currently on the bandwagon) is the meaning behind your blog name.

Hmmm....well I can't say there is a bunch of meaning behind it. It was more of using my marketing background to come up with something catchy that could be easily (or more easily) branded. Am I saying I see Deviled Megs tshirts and coffee mugs in my future? Hardly. But you never want to rule that option out, right?

I wanted something clever that would really allow me to create a character here on this blog. Things that may be inspired by my own real life experiences but also sprinkled with some thoughts or observations that "the real me" might not share or necessarily verbalize in my real life. I would like to protect my identity for the most part, although there are some that read this from time to time that do know me IRL. I only ask that they not use my real name. I know, I know....sounds a bit convoluded. But very early on in this blogging project I had people from my past find this blog that I had no idea how they found me here. Like seriously, no idea. I take care that co-workers don't know about this and am doubtful my family would even realize that I write here. Just trying to keep a few shreds of anonymity and hide behind an internet curtain just a smidge. A little ridiculous? Possibly, but if you can't make the rules on your own blog, then where can you right??


  1. I was like that for a long time.. in fact people started calling AG for short and then one day, someone posted a comment with Tracy in it and now here I am...

    I like the name, it is catchy, I do see t-shirts! LOL