Friday, October 29, 2010

Fun Food Friday

The lovely and all-together fabulous Desperately Seeking Seersucker tagged me in a Fun Food Tag and I think that sounds perfect for a Friday posting don't you?

What is your favorite dessert?
Cobbler...preferably cherry or apple. Served warm, in a bowl, with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. And yes, I need it to be vanilla bean, not just regular old vanilla.

Ever tried to cook something and fail miserably?
Yes -- and anyone who says they haven't is a big, big liar. In the first house I lived in after I moved down to the DC area, we used to do lots of fun family dinners. Thank GOD this was not an "official" family dinner, I think only one or two other roommates and maybe one of their girlfriends were witness to my sad cooking FAIL. I had seen someone cook pizza out on the grill on some Food Network Show and I thought it looked totally do-able. It did not turn out at ALL how it was supposed to, so much so that it never even made it to the sauce and toppings stage. Everyone acted like they were happy with their grilled breadstick dinners but I felt like the world's biggest failure. What is it about a cooking FAIL that make you feel so horribly embarrassed?

Is there a dish you haven't made yet that you would like to?
Hmm, you know I have never given this question any thought. I have yet to make pasta from scratch, so I think I'd like to try some truly delicious homemade raviolis. Ooooh.... or maybe gnocchi. I think I may need to make a date to get in touch with my Italian side very soon!

What is your favorite food?
Seafood...yeah, yeah I know that's cheating a bit to choose a whole GROUP of food, but deal with it :)

What is your least favorite food?
Sorry Philadelphians....I never, ever got on board with scrapple. It still totally grosses me out when Coach makes it when I am visiting at home.

Do you have any seasonal meals that you like?
Nothing says summer like a crab feast. Throw in some other goodies like corn on the cob, fried chicken, hush puppies...drool. SO good.

What is your comfort food?
I have to agree with DSS that there is nothing like a basket of chicken fingers and fries. Only thing that would be better than that is chicken fingers with a side of mac & cheese. Again, drool. But there is one thing that truly makes me feel comforted...a Philly soft pretzel with mustard. I would eat one of those every day if I could -- so good thing I don't have regular access to them!

Chocolate: milk, dark, or white?
If I am going candy, I tend to like the sugary stuff more than chocolate. Things like Starbursts and jelly beans. But if I HAD to pick a chocolate, it'd probably be dark. And I would prefer it come with some peanut butter inside of it :)

So know that I am so hungry I would eat my own hand, I am going to pass this Food Tag on to some other peeps

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  1. hi am a brand new follower! I don't know what scrapple is and I don't think I want to!

  2. reese's and pretzels... LOVE!! scrapple... that's one philadelphia thing i've never got the hang of!

  3. Hi! Great blog - I stumbled onit from Life Of Meg! I have a cupcake blog "Stay Calm, Have a Cupcake" and am giving away free cupcake kits! Feel free to check it out and enter.

    I look forward to reading more of your blog entires. Keep up the great blogging.

    xo, Jill

  4. Good morning from Tokyo! I happened upon your blog through my dear friend, Ruth's~This G.R.I.T.S. Tale. I've thoroughly enjoyed readin through your past posts and echo you sentiment about vanilla bean ice cream~there is a difference and it's a delicious one!

    Happiest Halloween wishes to you and yours...



  5. I always go for the vanilla bean ice cream too. Scrapple doesn't look like something I want to try either.
    Thanks for the tag. I can't wait to answer the questions this weekend.

  6. Thanks Meg! I'll do it in the next day or two. I love love cobler too- just without the ice cream. I have a thing about the ice cream making perfectly good pies and coblers soggy. Ditto on maple syrup. I use that all the time in everything except pancakes. Because I don't dig soggy stuff.

  7. Scrapple is seriously the nastiest thing I could ever imagine eating...

  8. What is Scrapple???
    And I'm with you... my vanilla ice cream HAS to be vanilla bean :-)

  9. I hate Scrapple and I live in Philly! My husband loves it though so it frequents our fridge. Do love the Philly soft pretzel though, that's a family favorite.