Monday, October 4, 2010

Monogram Monday

Some folks that know me IRL may already be aware, but I monogram or initial just about everything. Like, as many things as I can possibly slap a monogram on, I do. I have one on my Blackberry (well that just makes good sense so I know which one is mine!) I have a monogrammed shower curtain. I have my initials framed above my bed. I even have a monogram on my car. Hell, I even went to college at a school that has my same initials (subconsciously chose that I swear!) I wouldn't ever consider myself a total "prep" of a person but gosh darn it if I am not a sucker for a monogram.

So I wanted to share this great monogram giveaway over at Maryland Pink & Green. If I can't win hopefully at least one of you will!

Maryland Pink and Green: Monogramming 101: "It's been a while since a giveaway, so I decided to start Monday with a fun contest to brighten the start of your week! Since 2005, The Sil..."

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