Friday, November 5, 2010

Where's Deviled Megs?

Work and life have been kicking my @ss lately...and winning. Big time. One of the things that stinks about that, is that when I feel like I am running around and then just run down, I am always thinking of things I want to write about. Even crafting the posts in my head. And here's where I also sheepishly admit I carry around a tiny notebook where I jot down notes and thoughts for writing up later. Dork.

It shows no signs of slowing down or getting better anytime soon...ugh. But hopefully I can turn a couple of these notes, thoughts and ideas into honest-to-goodness well-thought and semi-well-written posts pretty soon!

Until then, I thought you all would really love to see what I have been looking at for most of my waking hours the past couple weeks!

While not a total disaster, this is really messy for my desk. And I shudder to think at how many trees I have killed recently printing out so much STUFF. Maybe the firm should participate in a tree-planting event in the Spring to make up for all the ones we kill by printing out everything under the sun. While the ipod helps sometimes, there are not enough volumes of NOW! That's What I Call Music to get me through my days. Also, how depressing are my bare white walls? Maybe I should bring in my Blush-n-Brush creation to hang up there?

After giving up drinking it at work recently...I caved today and got a Diet Dr. Pepper (in my re-usable Sbux tumbler.) That stuff is like crack to me, hence the need to get myself off of it. The crackberry plugged in next to it, well I am thinking I might throw him on the Metro tracks later this evening.

I keep looking at this on my desk and realizing it would be more helpful if I could drink champagne AT my desk. I think all this work would be a helluva lot less stressful. And yes, the light is on over on my phone meaning I have new voicemail messages. I won't tell you all how many because I am so embarrassed. See? I really do hate the phone.

Other items not included in this photo:
• gum - and lots of it
• slipper socks - I wear them when I am just sitting at my desk because if I am going to have a miserable day at work, I might as well be comfortable
• nail polish - best time for a DIY manicure? A too-long and boring conference call.


  1. A DIY manicure while on a conference call is a great idea!!

    Besides that though, I'm sorry to hear that work is so crazy. I hope you manage to enjoy the weekend and have a better (less stressful) week next week!!

  2. Drinking champagne at work would be a dream. But I teach teenagers so unfortunately I don't think that dream is gonna become a reality anytime soon, haha! My desk is a HOT FREAKING MESS. Allison at Pink Lou Lou recently did a post on her desk, and I was awestruck at her organization. Mine is stacks and stacks of papers and things to do!!

  3. Champagne at work is a brilliant idea. Maybe disquised somehow.

  4. Especially when I'm doing super BUSY work that doesn't require much thought, I SO CRAVE a glass of red wine at work. That's why I like working from home in the evenings some times... :-)

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  6. I highly recommend the champagne/work combination. In fact, go get 2 bottles and put them in your bottom drawer right now. Wait a few minutes. Then take one out, open it, and drink it. Just to get used to the idea. :)