Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday Randoms

I don't really have any one thing I can focus on at the moment...actually, I kind of wish I did have just ONE thing I could focus on to help take my mind off of other things. But I guess for right now, writing a posting about many things will be the one thing to focus on. And hopefully make the clock speed up a little faster.

• Earbuds. If I have them in my ears, it probably means I am listening to music. Then why-oh-why do people always try to talk to me when I have them in my ears? And I am not talking about at work, when I should be open and receptive to people trying to talk to me. I am talking about at least 2-3 times a week when I am waiting for the bus or some other part of my daily commute. I must have one of "those faces" that people respond to and want to ask me how long I have been waiting for the bus or talk about the excess/lack of traffic that morning. Earbuds in = please leave me alone. This goes triple for air travel.

• People who invade my personal space on mass transit. To be fair, no I did not take this photo. And I actually think that is ample room for me. But more often than not, I get squished up against the window or flat out sat on by other passengers. And no, they are not larger plus-size people. I think they are just rude, inconsiderate jerks who don't give a crap.

• So cold. So very, verrryyyy cold. I cannot find a happy temperature to save my life lately. If I turn the heat on I get way too roasty-toasty. If I dial the heat back I turn into a human Popsicle. My only happy temp so far was under my covers this morning. Too bad I couldn't stay there all day.

• Christmas shopping. Not done yet. So basically if I can't order it and have it shipped in time or it isn't offered as a gift card at the Safeway next to my apartment, you aren't getting it as a gift from me this year.

• "127 Hours" Saw this movie last week. Had to keep my jacket over my face for the gruesome arm cutting scene. But I did get a good takeaway from this film -- always, always leave a note about where you are going.

• Champagne. A glass or two to celebrate an occasion? Lovely. Many, many sips of it at a Champagne tasting event on a Saturday afternoon? You will be asleep by 8pm and miss your Saturday evening plans.


  1. i get SO peeved when people take up too much space on the metro. hello, your bag does not deserve as eat more than i do at rush hour. i rode the red line every day for a year and i SWEAR the people were the most inconsiderate.

  2. OMG I flip out when people try to keep the arm up on planes or lean into my space. When I was in high school coming back from Brasil, I was writing a letter to a friend and the guy next to me all of a sudden starting commenting on the contents of my letter. That was 15 years ago and I am still both mortified and livid about that invasion of personal space.

  3. I hope the time passes quickly and you get what you are waiting for!

    My mom was on the Metro in DC years ago and wearing a short skirt. She got ringworm on the back of her leg from where her bare skin touched the seat!!!!! AHHH!!! Petrified of sitting on the subway now.

  4. I hate personal space invaders, especially in elevators. Like, is there any reson for you to think another one wont come in a few secs? Why dont you shove yourself on and touch me. Freaks me out!

  5. I hate people who invade my personal space too