Monday, February 28, 2011

I'm sleeping with James Franco tonight

Sort of....

Recently LMCBW over at how I met your father blogged about Hot Hugs and how it was really helping her sleep. And with all the sleep troubles I have had the past couple months, I am down to try anything people recommend. I quickly got on Amazon (remembering I had a gift card to use -- yay!) and made my purchase.

Fast forward to today. I actually came home from work a little early because I am seriously not feeling well. I think a lot of it has to do with stress and the roughly 3 hours of sleep I managed to get last night. So when I walked up to my apartment, I instantly felt a teensy bit better when I saw that beautiful box from Amazon waiting for me on the doorstep.

Here he is...isn't he just so stinking adorable? I've named him James Franco. And he will be nestled in bed with me tonight and hopefully will help me clock some quality snoozing time.

And I will try and take a little better care of him than LMCBW's recent mishap with her Hot Hug zebra named Clarence.

I had some great post lined up for today all about the Oscars and what not...sadly I was working during a big chunk of the awards last night (I. Was. Livid.) and then running around like a crazy person today at work as well. So hopefully tomorrow...won't you please come back and visit again then?


  1. I totally ordered one today because of that same post from HIMYF. James Franco is adorable!

  2. LOL. That is so funny. Hopefully he will put you to sleep.

    PS - I am seriously overdosing on water. Today alone I have already had 6 full water-bottles. I actually felt sick last night for all the water I drank.

    PSS - Love the new look!!!!

  3. I hope it helps you sleep tonight.
    Oh and feel better.
    I am learning about the Oscars through everyone's posts as I didn't watch them.

  4. This cracks me up! Love his name! Hope it helps!

  5. oh my goodness, james franco is adorable!!
    i hope you love him just as much as i love clarence! and thanks for the sweet shoutout!

  6. i hope there is going to be a product review of james franco :)

  7. love love love your blog! enjoy the rest of your week chica!

    xo monica

  8. Totes thought of you when I saw the Oscars were on and wondered whether you'd be watching. Can't say I watched, however, as I was watching a very important basketball game. :)