Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

On the one hand I cannot believe it is already Wednesday, and on the other hand I can't believe it is only Wednesday. Anyone else ever find themselves in that Catch-22 situation?

But wednesday it is, so let's go ahead and get to what I am loving this wednesday, shall we?

I'm loving....that pitchers and catchers report very, very soon. Screw Punxatawney Phil. Pitchers and Catchers is my heads up that Spring is definitely on the way!

I'm swap. It has been one of the few "fun" things I have going on right now to look forward to. And I would love to have a few more participants, wink wink ;)

I'm loving....good friends who save the day when you really need them. Whether that is picking up your prescription for you (thank you, L!) or calling you because you are in desperate need of hearing a friendly voice after so many unpleasant voices (love you, V!), I really am lucky some days to have some people in my life who can hold sh*t together for me when I feel like it's faling apart.

I'm loving....old friends. Over the past month or so, I have had quite a few chances to catch up with really old freinds from college...who have sent me funny notes on facebook or even stalked me down in my office and called me. It's happened at times where it has meant a lot to me to reconnect and share a laugh, so I am thankful for that.

I'm friendships and connections. I have had the fortune of stregthening connections with member of an Advisory Board I am currently a member of and it has really made the experience much better for me. Sounds kinda cryptic (and I will get to it in another post, I promise!) but the arena in which I volunteer a good bit of my time has put me through the wringer through the past week. I have had more than a few moments of wondering "Why the hell am I even doing this?" Thankfully, I have been supported by women who have reminded me why I am doing it and helped talk me down from the ledge :)

I'm loving....that I am only 5 people away from my goal of 100 followers. So if you are reading this and aren't a follower...well, just go click the button to follow me and make Deviled Megs a happy camper!

Most of all, I'm loving.... that this crazy busy period of volunteer time will be over (and back to a more reasonable schedule) in a week or so. Then I can go back to getting all my huge helpings of stress from work instead of spread across multiple outlets.


  1. I hope your girls get all the best rushies (I have no idea how to spell that) around! Well my house and yours can split them :)

  2. Some excellent things to be loving :) I think I know what your volunteer thingy is...and uggghhh...I admire you for doing it! I wouldn't have the patience. (then again, I could be wrong?)

    Yay for almost 100 followers!!!!!!

  3. My volunteer rush time was at the beginning of the fall. Thank goodness it's over. When do we get our swap partners?

  4. Cute list!!!! I am loving friends, too :) and I can't WAIT for pitchers and catchers to report!!! Go Red Sox :)


  5. I will send out the swap partners tomorrow morning! You know, before I have to be heading BACK to the sorority house ;)

  6. new follower- so you are one closer to 100 :)

  7. You are loving some great things :) Isnt blogging wonderful!