Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Linking up with This Kind of Love for What I Love Wednesday. This is going to be a quick one, but snaps to me for still managing to get in a post today!

I'm loving...boys in glasses. Deviled Megs would definitely make passes at boys who wore glasses. ESPECIALLY the two below. You know, if I were one who made passes. (Maybe I should try to become that sort of person??) But there was a mysterious-ish handsome guy in the grocery store last night and I think I was really mainly attracted to him because of his glasses. But Mr. Franco and Mr. Ruffalo are most definitely my "type", so if you know of anyone in the DC area fitting that kind of description, um, hello...let me know! Actually, doesn't need to be local, as regular readers know I may just be itching for reasons to move. Who wants to play matchmaker for Deviled Megs? ;)

I'm loving...the Oscars. Have loved them since I was very little. Have practiced acceptance speeches I would give over and over in my head. I actually have a very deep relationship with movies in general (a post for sometime soon, I promise you -- it's actually in the works) So the Oscars is a bit like the Superbowl of movies, don't you think? I love the red carpet arrivals, I love the acceptance speeches, I love the build-up and excitement. And every year for quite some time now, I have held my own little tradition of buying a new pair of pajamas for Oscar night, drinking champagne while I watch and having appetizers for dinner. It's the little things in life. Anyone else doing anything exciting for Sunday's Oscar Ceremony?

I'm loving... that Mr. Franco is not only nominated, but will be hosting this year's ceremony (with Anne Hathaway) and that Mr. Ruffalo will also be there as a nominee. Yay.

I'm loving...that I was enough of a nerd to set up a Facebook page for this here little blog. You haven't heard? Get on board with it! Yes this item was on the list last week, and I am keeping it this week. Shameless self promotion, I know. But I will tell you this bloggy peeps, if no one else is going to promote you, sometimes you take matters into your own hands!

I'm loving...Adele. If you don't know her or aren't familiar with her amazing talent, see my post from yesterday. Trust me, you will be thanking me later.

I'm loving...that I once again had a mommy friend come to the rescue, and let me head to her house for a playdate with her and her little man, T. I needed to get out of my apartment in the worst way this weekend, and she came through for me big time. And there is nothing not to love about spending time hanging out with little man T, he sort of rocks. he even shared his goldfish crackers with me, what a guy.

I'm loving...that I just may have two very fun blog-related news items to share with you very soon, maybe even this week! Stay tuned please....


  1. I just saw 127 hours last night. He is a cutie. I love glasses too. Just not on me!

  2. I am def going to your FB. I love boys in glasses that makes passes at this girl, right here, in glasses! I wish more would, actually...

  3. They are to hotties. Guys with glasses can be hot.
    I love the knew blog design

  4. I'm loving Adele, too! She's such an amazing talent.