Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Administrative Professionals Day at a law firm

You may not know, but today is Administrative Professionals Day. Here at the firm (and other firms I have worked at/friends have worked at), the phrase "administrative professional" basically applies to anyone without a J.D.

Today they had a breakfast where the lawyers "served" all the staff breakfast (in a few seated shifts) to commemorate Admin Professionals Day.

Guess who was too busy dealing with lawyers' crazy demands and angry rants to be able to leave her desk for this once-a-year breakfast?

If you guessed ME, then give yourself a gold star! You can also treat yourself by entering my super-wonderful giveaway...just sayin' ;)


  1. that sucks big time. did you get a to go plate, at least? :(

  2. Side note - I have that random position that isn't considered an Admin Prof. or Boss, so I get missed on both of these "Holidays". :)