Friday, April 22, 2011

Sometimes it's nice to have a small family

My office is pretty darn quiet today. Might have something to do with Good Friday and folks travelling out of town for the Easter weekend. I wish it equated into less work for me; sadly, that is not the case. I actually have more work than I can handle...and will be enjoying the privilege of working on it over the holiday weekend. Lucky me!

I don't have a HUGE family who all descend on one house for holidays and special occasions, so it is not like I am truly missing out on attending some big family shindig. My mom is actually an only child, so my younger brother and me are the only grandchildren on that side of the family. That side does have a very large and impressive extended family, thanks to my Italian Gram being one of many children. But as the years passed, we stopped all getting together for holidays and occasions. Sadly now I only get to see them at weddings or funerals.

So while I am sad that I really have nowhere to go for Easter (and as my awesome life at work rolls on, no TIME to go anywhere), I am still aware of some of the perks that come with having a small family.

Like this one

Every month or so, my Pop-Pop sends me $20 or $25 in the mail. It is the best, most wonderful thing. I have no idea how the universe knows when to have it happen, but without fail it is always on a particularly challenging or difficult day that I get one of these lovely envelopes in the mail.

It's not about the cash (although it is a nice treat!), but the little notes that are inside. I wonder if my Pop Pop knows that I keep every single one of them. Usually carrying around a couple in my wallet at any given time.

It may sound obvious or even silly, but to me...well sometimes it helps me to have that reminder that no matter how beat up I get, no matter how down things may be or how crummy I may be feeling, there is someone out there who is thinking of me and loves me very much. I am his only granddaughter and to him, that makes me very, very special.

So that's my sappy family-themed post for this holiday weekend. I hope those of you that are travelling and/or visiting family have a safe, relaxing and happy weekend.

And for those of you NOT doing anything this weekend...come back and visit, please. I only have 4 more posts to go before midnight on Sunday to make the 40 in 40 goal :)


  1. I used to love little notes like that from my Mimi. One time while living in the Alpha Phi house she went me an article cut out of the Post about the date rape drug. Ha.

  2. i think that nashville post card may have had something to do with pop pop thinking of you. i hope it made it to the fridge!

  3. That is special. I would totally keep them too. I hae a few notes that my Grandmother worte me. Enjoy your weekend.

  4. That's so sweet! My mother only lives 2 hours away, but if we ever write, I usually keep the letters- no one ever actually writes handwritten notes or letters anymore, so I really cherish it!

  5. That's so sweet! I had a (step) grandmother who used to send me a religious booklet and a note every few months. The books were a tad too religious for my taste but I always sent her a thank you note. I think we both cherished those notes. She's long passed but I miss getting those notes and books in the mail.

  6. that is so sweet. I called one of my grandfather's Pop-Pop. It makes me sad when I now see cards with that for a grandfather because they weren't around when he was alive.
    My grandmother will randomly send me money thought what makes me smile the most is when she sends holiday cards to my pup

  7. Aw, how sweet of him to do that. You're lucky to have such a loving family. :)