Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

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I'm loving...that Coach (AKA my Dad) is now officially retired. He will still be giving baseball lessons of course, but his days of being a high school teacher are over. I'm really happy for him but also incredibly PROUD of him. Growing up with two teachers for parents I saw first hand what a hard and all-too-often thankless job teaching can be. I could not even wager a guess at how many students my dad has taught over the years or how many kids he coached on his wrestling and baseball teams. I can tell you they probably all remember him very fondly and that makes me one very proud daughter.

I'm loving...that Coach is utterly fascinated by the iPod my mom got him as a Father's Day/Retirement present. He emailed me today and said "It is so small so I have to keep an eye on it. Maybe I should put a lanyard on it like my keys." And for anyone who may know Coach and how he loses things...then yes, he should put it on a lanyard. Actually, I should start taking bets on how long til the poor iPod goes MIA. Maybe I need to get Coach the Danglet?

I'm loving...that in just ONE WEEK I will be in Tucson. Yes, it will probably be 115 degrees (and lord knows I do NOT do well in the heat), but I will be getting to see some ladies I haven't seen in quite some time, staying with two ladies I have come to really get a kick out of, and according to the resort's website, there is a "a complimentary and lively Tequila Toast every evening beginning at 5:30pm" Cheers to that!

I'm loving...this mason jar drink dispenser and matching mugs.

Want. This. So. Bad.
I guess it must be the 1/4 Southern in me, but I have a real fondness for mason jars and julep cups.

I'm loving...that I got to talk to one of my favorite friends last night. Only for a little bit, but it's just good to hear her voice. We haven't been able to properly catch up in awhile, but I love that we are the sort of friends that can always pick up as if a day hasn't gone by since we last spoke. Even more than that, I'm loving that I will be seeing her in 6 weeks!!!

I'm loving...that I had an appointment with the best stylist ever this week. Fresh color and a cut makes you feel like a million bucks. Or, in this case, Jennifer Nettles in Sugarland's new video which we used as our hair color inspiration.

I'm loving...that finally it feels like karma is coming around balancing things back out. I can feel good things around the corner...


  1. So glad things are coming around for you! Much happier posts as of late :)

  2. Oooh I need to make an appointment with a stylist! Definitely in need of a haircut! Please share pictures :)

  3. I found a very similar set at ROSS of all places on Hilton Head Island for $29. Im sure there will be more out there!

  4. hahahaha. dad can be so funny. I can't wait until i'm old and my future kids makes fun of things i say about new technology.

  5. That mason jar dispenser is the cutest thing ever! I've not seen that :)

    Have a great weekend!