Friday, September 2, 2011

TGIF and the Ten Day Challenge

Holy TGIMF, guys. And I'm pretty sure most of you can figure out what that "M" is for. I am so stinking happy today is Friday, and that there is a glorious 3-day weekend ahead. This week has been such a doozy. Work has been giving me a fair amount of stress these days and may account for some of my lack of posting.

I told MCW at Saving the Best For Last that I needed to steal borrow the Ten Day Challenge she has been rocking the past few days. Just because I know I need to write a bit to help alleviate some of my stress/nerves/anxiety that I have been dealing with lately..and I can write a bit easier when I have a little direction. I am SUCH a good rule follower, you guys have no idea.

So here we go....

Ten Secrets
•1• I have a degree in English but have managed to never read some of the "greats" from the canon of literature - Moby Dick, A Tale of Two Cities, Pride & Prejudice to name a few. They weren't required in any class I ever took and I never sought them out to read on my own.

•2• I can't sleep if my feet are covered. They need to be outside of the blankets.

•3• When I was little (maybe around 8 or 9) my parents had to serve as prom chaperones at the high school where they taught. Instead of getting a babysitter for me, they decided I could just go with them. I told everyone I was bringing Ricky Schroeder as my date. Needless to say, he did not make the trip to PA to escort little Deviled Megs to the dance.

•4• I often got to spend days off from school at my parent's high school so that they didn't have to worry about leaving me at home alone. I used to sneak into the "phone room" in one of the offices and call the NKOTB hotline. You know the one where you just heard some lame pre-recorded messages and paid by the minute? Sufficed to say, I never offered up that it was me when the admins would get the bill and be furious that some of the high school students were making these calls using the school phone lines.

•5• I did not have any friends to play with when I spent summers at my grandparent's shore house, so I used to drag all my Gram's plastic animal lawn ornaments into the shed and pretend I was an animal expert on a talk show. I amused myself for hours.

•6• I have had more stitches as an adult then I ever had as a child.

•7• I can't really swim.

•8• I wrote a fan letter to Whitney Houston when I was in the 2nd or 3rd grade and told her that her song "How Will I Know" really spoke to me. Considering this and my Ricky Schroeder prom date fiasco, and I think I must have been one star-struck, overly dramatic little kid. All I got back from Whitney was an autographed picture. That I think I may still have at my parent's house.

•9• Most times when I say I don't like a food, I've never actually even tried it. Terrible, I know.

•10• I sometimes b*tch about my volunteer work as a sorority advisor, or worse, make a big joke about it all, but it really means a lot to me and I enjoy working with the collegians. Although they also make me feel like a horrible old dinosaur.

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend! I'm headed up to the Jersey Shore (fistpump!) bright and early tomorrow morning to visit my Pop-Pop. I think I see a trip to Atlantic City to play the penny slots in my future....


  1. I like your list A LOT, especially the NKOTB part and the fact that you can't really swim. I CAN'T EITHER and I took swimming lessons, sad I know but all I do is the breast stroke for awhile or a pathetic doggy paddle motions to get around in the water, HAHA!!

  2. I love How Will I Know! I still rock out to it while working out.

  3. whitney houston was the 1st concert I attended, followed by nkotb! awesome. I think I may well have to play along with this, as blogging is one more thing adding anxiety to my life right now too!