Monday, November 21, 2011

Mindless Monday Musings

I think I may have spent the better part of my weekend asleep and am still feeling groggy and out of it. Unfortunately, I am coming down with something that started as general malaise/achiness on Saturday that became a sore throat later that night. when I woke up Sunday it was so painful to swallow that I didn't even want to be awake. Boo. I have been on a steady diet of theraflu and cough drops since yesterday hoping like heck I can stave off whatever this may be.

But man, is there anything more craptastic than being at work while you are sick and not feeling well. My head just feels all foggy. I am hoping it is a slow-ish week with lots of folks taking off for the Thanksgiving holiday. Hoping, hoping, hoping.

But my foggy head has lots of random thoughts in it....that I should probably just dump out here. Empty out my head so I can even hope of getting some work done today.

• Rold Gold Honey Wheat pretzel twists…where have these been hiding? I grabbed a bag from the new pantry at work out of curiosity (I mean, they are FREE after all so what’s there to lose?) Big fan.

• As independent and self sufficient as I know I am, I must admit it was nice to have MVP around taking care of my sick self over the weekend. Making me my Theraflu and making sure I drank it all. Letting me watch "Newsies", even though I fell asleep halfway through. It was just really nice.

• I also watched SO much Food Network this weekend. Hopefully watching people on TV cook a Thanksgiving dinner makes up for the fact that I went online last night and ordered mine from Whole Foods and will only need to heat it up on Thursday. I know, I know....but it just didn't seem right to cook all day for two people. Esp when the price was right to just order it and pick it up.

• According to postings on Facebook, about 16 people I know had babies over the course of the last few days. WTF.

• I have no clue what to get MVP for Christmas and it is seriously bothering me. Like, big time. I LIVE for finding people *the* perfect gift and I am seriously drawing a blank for him.

• I think there are some changes in the very near future for me that are going to be sad, happy and scary all at the same time. It is all very good things for everyone involved, just a little bittersweet I suppose.

• I need to nail down a winning cookie recipe (and soon) for my friend's annual cookie exchange party. We call it a "party" because there's food and wine, but really we are all crazy competitive and want to WIN.

• Soup. All I want to eat is soup. And sleep. Soup and sleep.


  1. I hope you feel better soon! Nothing is worse than being sick at work...and over the holidays. Hopefully you can kick it soon!
    I also dunno what to get MG for Xmas, and LUCKY ME, his birthday is next weekend on top of that...still have no idea what Im getting him. No bueno!

  2. I don't bake, so no help on that cookie thing.

    And I was driving today and literally thinking that I had to send you an email cause I hadn't heard from you in awhile and here you are!

    I love finding the perfect gift as well. Boys are always hard. Concert tickets???

  3. I am not into baking very much and when I do it is rarely cookies.
    I hope you are beginning to feel better.