Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Holiday Hangover & Christmas Recap part one

I'm sure I'm not the only one feeling that way today. It was so stinking hard to get up this morning and come into work knowing it was officially "back to the grind"...no more travelling around, no more get-togethers, no more lazy days. So I'm thinking the best way for me to delay the inevitable is to finish catching up on my Christmas recaps! Oh, just indulge me...seriously, I am struggling to get back in to the swing of things.

The Monday after Christmas Day of Adventure, MVP and I had our own Christmas, so we could exchange gifts just the two of us before heading off on our travels. I had been fretting for a while about what to get MVP. I got a bunch of "little things" like some books, and a DVD, and some Wawa sweatpants (which are awesome, BTW), and finally settled on a nice watch as his "big gift"; he had been looking around at some and thinking about getting one. BUT, I was careful to keep the packaging slip and everything in case it needed to go back. Turns out I chose well and he loved the watch - yay!

I had opened all my little gifts and MVP slid over to me my "big gift"...I nervously tore off the wrapping then sat there in total silence as I stared at the box. I was speechless. I looked up at MVP who was smiling and anxious to get my reaction. Like a moron I asked "Is this real?" "Yes, of course it's real!" he said. "I know how much you would like to have one but knew you would never go and get one for yourself. But I wanted you to have one."

MVP had gifted me this lovely.

He said he knew I would be able to make a lot of use for it, and that I could always keep up with "that Pinterest thing" and writing and reading the blogs I liked. It wasn't that it was such a generous gift that made it so wonderful. It was that he had really put thought into it and he just looked so happy with himself (in a good way!) when he saw my reaction.

And YES, I can attest that I am in fact making very good use of the iPad. That I have named Frankie. Long story.


  1. He is so generous :) Wish we could have met up. I was actually sick for part of the time I was in MD. Boo. Happy New Year!

  2. Holiday hangover, indeed. But since I didn't win the lottery during my time off, it's back at work. Enjoy the iPad!

  3. The best feeling in the world is finding just-the-right-gift... oh... and opening an iPad would be cool too!

  4. WOW! Taht's a nice, big gift indeed!!!

  5. I have to say I am so well-rested that I'm glad to be back to work! Great gifts, too! Happy New Year!

  6. Jaw. Drop. Such a good gift giver! I love when I find gifts that I think the person will LOVE and seeing their reaction is the best! I'm glad that you had a great holiday with MVP. Does Frankie have anything to do with James Franco? Also, moment of silence for the death of the snuggle pal lost to drunk heating. Yes, I still think of that every time I heat up mine.

  7. That is a great gift. I am glad y'all had a wonderful Christmas.

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