Friday, January 13, 2012

How I will be spending my Friday afternoon...

So this afternoon, I'm renting a Uhaul van and picking up a new couch. I'm realizing now that maybe planning this sort of an activity for Friday the 13th is just asking for trouble.

I'll have MVP to help me, thank goodness. Oh and to drive the van, driving the van makes me nervous. Then it will be just him and I getting it into the apartment. Yikes. Please everyone, keep your fingers crossed that we survive this afternoon in one piece and in good spirits. And, more importantly, that my afternoon doesn't turn into a real life version of that "Friends" episode....


  1. lol...piiiivoooot!!!! :) Good luck, chica!

  2. This episode was on the other day (I'm watching a LOT of Friends these days...) and I cracked up. Gets me every time!

  3. omg PIVOT PIVOT....


    have a great day! if you have a minute, please stop by to enter my two year giveaway!

  4. love this episode. I am laughing just thinking about it!

    xo Victoria