Tuesday, January 31, 2012

With every ending comes a new beginning

I'm still processing all my feelings surrounding L's departure. I got a little flustered this morning and before I knew it I had started to cry a little when I got into the car. Knowing that today I will go back to the apartment to say goodbye to L. Dealing with so much transition and change. I'm sure it is normal to just feel overwhelmed by so many emotions right now...but knowing that it's normal sure doesn't make it any easier.

So on the heels of yesterday's sad news about L moving out, comes a bit of happy news that MVP is moving in. Yup, we are gonna be cohabitating. Big step. BIG. STEP.

We had had conversations about it for awhile, LONG before L had ever brought up the possibility of her leaving. MVP and I knew quite some time ago that living together was what we wanted to head towards in our relationship, and it was just a matter of planning it out and mapping out the time frame that would be best for both of us.

When L announced her decision to move, it created a clear opportunity for us to go ahead and act on that desire to live together. We were both month-to-month on our leases, moving into one place or the other made good sense for now. That way we still have the option to look for a different place together, without having to time our moving out of two separate places and plotting out two separate moves. I mean, can we all agree that moving totally stinks? Trying to keep all of it to a minimum is the best option for reals.

So when I went a few weeks ago to buy a couch? It was MVP and I purchasing our couch. Together. Really wonderful and really scary at the same time. I have never lived with a significant other before. I know that I have a lot to learn and adjustments to make. But I know without any shadow of a doubt that I want to do that with MVP. As corny as it may sound, while this whole thing is pretty darn a little scary to me...I don't know that I have ever felt so comfortable and confident with a decision in my life.

So we are going to have a home together. I am not foolish enough to think it is all going to be a picnic. We aren't "playing house" here. It's going to be work. It's going to be wonderful. It's going to take time to adjust. It's going to be a whole new experience.

While I am so sad for L to leave and move so far away, I'm excited for this new chapter in my life. And very grateful for the person I get to write that chapter with.

(And that super sweet and charming sign in the photo is a fabulous DIY project I saw on pinterest and you can read her blog posting on how to make it here.)


  1. I thought this was coming! So exciting! Are you moving into his place or yours?

  2. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is HUGE news!! Congrats and Best of Luck! :)