Monday, February 27, 2012

Wait....what?!? Tales from the Trenches Throwback

So a few weeks ago I received a strange email that I almost had to re-read because I didn't understand WHY in the world it was in my inbox. The sender of the email is someone I dated, oh maybe almost four years ago. Who I also know is now ENGAGED. (My comments in italics)

Subject line : Yo! (No really...I'm serious THAT was the subject line)
Hey, haven't talked to you in forever. (Cause the last time we did, it was pretty interesting -- I'll have a link below so you know JUST what I am talking about) Just wanted to let you know I'm moving in a few months (congrats I guess?? Not really sure why you feel the need to email me and tell me, you aren't exactly on my holiday card list) and wanted to try and catch up before I head on my way (for why exactly?). Hope you are doing well, and aren't too cocky about your terps beating my Hokies in bball... I had VT player tickets for that.
(email really could have stopped here and I would STILL think it was totally odd but....)
Would you want to catch up some time soon? My schedule is pretty open for the next week or two. (wait....what?!?! Okay THAT is where the email crossed the line from odd over to bat-sh$t-crazy-inappropriate)

So we briefly dated, and you ended things in one of the most classless and also infamous ways I have ever had the pleasure of retelling for people's amusement/horror. (Don't worry...I'll have a link for y'all below) Then you contacted me out of the blue to apologize for that behavior years later, and for some reason (boredom?) I accepted your offer of meeting for a drink....and you ended that meeting in a way that made me think you were not all that different.

So now you are moving...likely WITH your FIANCEE. Methinks you have no need to email me with a request to "catch up." Seriously your email made me laugh at the sheer WTF-ness of this request...and then worry a little for whoever is soon going to be hitching her wagon to you until death do you part.

So who is this Prince Charming? Well he's actually a Tales From The Trenches alum. SHOCKING I know ;) I told you all the story of how things came to an end but also told you about how we met up again 2 years later.

I just never let you know that was the same person....I'm sneaky like that.

For the record, I did not bother to reply to his email. I simply forwarded it to L who I thought would TRULY appreciate the WTF-ness of it.

I think it also made me appreciate MVP a little bit more. And made me know again, without any doubt, that my waiting and waiting and waiting to finally meet the right guy was not just an exercise in patience, but well worth the wait.


  1. LMAO!!! Oh my gosh! What a creep! Some men are so clueless!!!! I Enjoyed reading!!!

  2.!!! Guys are ridiculous. I guess you know now why it's a good think you didn't end up with him.
    I'm sure his fiancee would be proud ;0
    Yes, waiting is for sure the right thing to do. I'm sure glad I did!