Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Figuring out which end is up

I've been having a bit of a dilemma at work lately. Actually, dilemma isn't really the best way to describe it, I just am struggling to find the most appropriate work right now.

There is simultaneously not a lot happening AND a lot of potential for things to happen. Does that make any sense? Working in the "wait and see" environment that resulted from this past summer's events has become routine for me. I don't see it changing any time soon; I think most people that I work with are just trying to keep control of what we can do and be successful with in the short term since anything past that feels very uncertain. I can plan out a project with the way we do things and the way things exist today, knowing full well that it might be shot to hell a few weeks into it and I will have to run around like a crazy person to adjust the plan accordingly.

But in all of this I have found some small things to get excited about. Some topics I have been really interested in reading up on and trying to apply them in my day-to-day. But slowly it's becoming clear that I am getting past the point of interest, and now just find myself overwhelmed with information and struggling to find out ways to implement.

No point to this post, really. Other than to let you all know that right now, my brain feels like mush. And to add to my total count for 40 posts in 40 days, obvs.


  1. Is it the election you're waiting on?

  2. No...when the company was purchased back over the summer, we all were just in a "wait and see" mode until we knew how it would play out. So many people here just feel unsure about our futures/job security, how the merger of the companies will impact our operations. Fun times :)