Friday, March 30, 2012

My Crazy Obsession

Have any of you seen this weird show on TLC? I caught a bit the other night where this couple was all into Cabbage Patch kids. Like had HUNDREDS of them and treated them like actual children and read them stories every night.

Part of me likes shows like this becuase, honestly, they make me feel like a total winner by comparison. Pathetic? Maybe.

But then I start to wonder about my own weird issues. I currently think I have a crazy obsession with nail polish. I have been glancing at my hands ALL day today thinking about what color I could re-do them when I get home later tonight.

In the past few months, I've kicked things up a few notches. After falling head over heels for the swanky gel-polish manicures, I thought I could do just as good a job myself if only I had the right equipment.

A little internet sleuthing later and I had invested in some of the fancy gel polishes, base/top coats, and a UV light. Pricey at the start, but figuring that those fancy manicures cost 30-35 bucks a pop, not including a tip...I figured it was going to be a big savings for me in the long haul.
I've grown the collection steadily over the last few months...adding new colors here and there. Eventually, I upgraded myself to a fancy LED light to cure my ails in. Last weekend, I even sought out a sketchy Nail Salon Supply store so I could go score some gel polish in person.

Now, I'm wondering....should I be concerned I am developing my own crazy obsession??


  1. I completely understand this obsession! I had all the Gel products too but couldn't keep up with the time my obsession was costing me! Hope you get a chance to come by and check out my new blog look! Have a great day darling! Kori xoxo

  2. no don't be concerned-let us know if it's worth it to do the gel manicures ourselves!!

    1. Oh gosh abso-LUTE-ly worth it to do it at home. If you get them regularly, its very worth it to shell out the money for an LED or UV lamp and set yourself up at home. Esp if you are like me and would choose the same 2-3 colors (although now I am branching out and adding more colors to my collection)