Saturday, March 3, 2012

Taking a break & catching up

I have been falling way behind on my goal of 40 posts in 40 days. There has been a lot on my plate lately, unfortunately not all of it has been good. I'm hoping I can find time soon to write about good things, positive things, things to be happy about and thankful for and maybe that will help alleviate some of the stresses and sadness I have found myself dealing with lately.


  1. Ugh..I've been having that kind of winter. I hope yours gets better soon.

  2. How did I miss 40 in 40? What a fun idea. I can barely manage 1 in 7 these days, but I'm excited for all of yours! How do you do enough interesting things to write a blog every day? I am struggling with that...

  3. i'm sorry to hear you're dealing with sadness lately. sending positive thoughts your way.