Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thoughts on Thursday

I have too many thoughts today...all over the place....not-so-hot of a feeling.  So I am going to steal borrow a post from my lovely bloggy buddy MCW -- hopefully it'll perk me up and quiet my mind a bit. 

Currently I am..... person talking on the phone in the office next door.  With my other noisy next-door-neighbor out of the office this afternoon, it has been a little bit more peaceful. 

Eating...nothing.  But I did escape the office for a bit today to have a lovely lunch with a lovely friend in DC. 

Drinking...iced tea.  But I made it this morning so it's more lukewarm than iced at this point.... pants and a purple twin set.  I have a collection of Jackie shells and cardigans from J Crew, they are my faves. 

Feeling...tired, anxious, stressed, distracted, stuck. 

Weather...warm but thankfully not a bazillion degrees anymore.  I could walk outside without totally melting. 

Needing...a manicure.  And another vacation.  And maybe a new job.  Or a sense of direction.  Clearly I need to make a LIST of all the things I think I need right now. 

Wanting...for the week to be over already. 

Thinking...that I don't know if it is really worth fighting my fights at work anymore.  Maybe I should just let things be and if this isn't meant to be, then it isn't meant to be. 

Enjoying...listening to Pandora while getting work done. Having a soundtrack to the day makes things JUST a little bit easier. 


  1. Love this! Currently, I'm ready for the weekend!

  2. Currently, I have serious writers block and have also thought of stealing "Lately" from MCW. She should do a link-up for us....

  3. I meant "Currently" - I can't even plagiarize accurately these days!

    1. Ooooh....that would be SUCH a good link up!!

  4. I have had serious writer's block too.

  5. I just discovered Pandora. Loving it. So far I have "Call Me Maybe" and "Don't Stop Believing Radio."