Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Monogram Maniac

I am a self-professed monogram maniac.  If I can put my monogram or my name on it, I do.  Tote bags, clothing, cups, you name it.  I have a monogram on my car.  I have a monogrammed hoodie sweatshirt, for pete's sake.  It's crazy.

Today I stumbled across Pretty Smitten's shop on etsy and pretty much want one of everything.  I am especially loving the items below.  I may need to send MVP a link to Pretty Smitten for his future gift-giving needs :)

A set of His & Hers lucite trays -- great shower gift!

iphone case -- loving the subtle addition of the name on the Greek key design

mouse pad -- you spend too many hours at work to not  make your workspace as pretty as possible!


  1. I have a monogram on my car and my friends give me such shit, but I love it.

  2. Another reason that you and I are kindred spirits, MCW!