Friday, July 19, 2013

Just a quick update...

After my last post about my current state -- and how most of it stems from my work situation. 

One, I needed to just vent it out, go home and vent some more, and then just go to sleep.  Tried as best I could to put it all behind me on Thursday and just keep plugging away.  I also decided to take a quick meeting with the Director of Talent Management in HR.  I guess I should not have been surprised, but I found out I was supposed to have been interviewed for the job I applied for....not pulled into a ten minute meeting and told why he wasn't going to pick me.  The HR Director seemed truly stunned that this had all been not just mismanaged, but the process had been corrupted in that I had not even had the opportunity to talk about the job about what made ME a uniquely qualified candidate.  My boss did send me an email Wednesday night telling me to "Keep doing what you're doing. Cream always rises to the top."  Just confirms a bit of my feelings that there is no way for me to succeed where I currently am, and to a larger extent, at this company.

That said...this is NOT NEWS to me.  I had needed to stick it out through mid Q2 of this year to be able to get my 2012 bonus.  Trust me friends, I am on the lookout for other opportunities very aggressively.  I am just not having a whole lot of luck and sadly am not passing the phone screen stage of most of the things I am pursuing.  I know this is not a revelation to many -- and some of you know this far better than I do -- but it is still a really tough market out there.  People are out of work for a really long time before finding something.  And when they are, sometimes it is one or two steps back but they take it because it gets them back to work.  Even my colleague who left my department a few weeks back took a pretty sizable pay cut to leave this job for that one.  And she has two teenage daughters at home.  Yes, I guess that solidifies just how ICK it is at my current job but also what is available out there...and she has MUCH more experience than me.

Anyway, it was just my long winded way of saying, I had a bad day but believe me, I have not resigned myself to my current lot.  I am (and have been for quite some time) actively looking to move out of this position and likely that also means leaving the company.  It's just not been all that promising out there in the job market right now, but I am keeping it up because the alternative is trying to make things work here and I know now more than ever that THAT is not an option for me. 


  1. I have been looking for full time work since last October, and I've had a grand total of 3 interviews. Three. Out of the hundreds of resumes and applications. It's enough to drive anyone mad. However, just this week I got a part time weekend job, and two interviews set up for next week. When it rains it pours, I guess. lol You will find something. What your manager did was so wrong, and he should be smacked for it.

  2. Yeah I was laid off in February and still haven't found a job! Very tough market. I'm glad you realize your work situation is unhealthy though and are looking to leave as soon as you have a viable option.

  3. It is a big step for you to realize how bad of situation you are in and work towards getting out. I am in the same boat so I totally understand.