Friday, August 23, 2013

5 on Friday

Linking up for Five on Friday.
1.  BB cream for your hair.
I am sure by now you all have become familiar with BB creams (BB = Beauty Balm).  heck, now we have even moved on to CC creams (CC = Color Correcting) and apparently DD creams are in the works.  Confused?  Fashionista provides an excellent breakdown of the difference between them all. 

Pantene now has a BB cream for your hair, and it is marvelous.  It touts itself as a 10-in-1 solution for things like manageability, heat protection and shine among others.  All i know is that when I use it post-shower, my blowdry looks so much better than usual (and dare I say takes less time?  Maybe I am imagining things).  Less frizz, movement and body to my hair.  It is a great drug store find for sure. 

2.  This picture of Charlie Manuel breaks my heart and makes me love him more all at the same time.  I know the Phillies felt they had to make some big changes, and firings like this are just how the business of baseball is done.  But I think I loved the Phillies *that much more* with Charlie as the team's Skipper.  He made me  I trusted Charlie.  He always felt like a Pop-Pop to me...I imagined a dish of Werther's candies set next to his favorite chair at home and could imagine him sneaking me a $10 bill when no one was looking, with a little wink to say it was our secret.  This pic also let me know Charlie is just like me.  He knows that when you are heading out of Philadelphia, you should stop to get some Wawa for the road. 
P.S. Coach is placing his bet that Charlie ends up in DC....and I must say, it would make it a little easier for me to root for the hometown team Nationals if that was the case. 

3.  Friday.  That means the end of this hellatious, craptastic, Calgon-take-me-away week is in sight.  Thank goodness because I am seriously running on empty when it comes to patience and composure at work this week.  I have found myself biting my tongue ( in I almost drew blood) so many damn times this week to stop myself from just letting sh*t fly and telling people exactly what I thought. 

4.  The movie "Jobs."  I saw it last week and it's just kind of....*meh*.  I feel like Ashton Kutcher slapped together a bunch of mannerisms, threw on a black mock turtleneck and called it a performance.  To me is was just a drawn out impression of Steve Jobs.  I don't feel like I learned anything I didn't already know or got any insight into his life.  The movie was a somewhat glorified live-action version of Steve Jobs' resume.  The highlight for me was Josh Gad.  I just love him. 
Oh and the other highlight was also being able to see it in MVP and mine's new favorite theater.  This AMC theater revamped itself with leather recliners, reserved seating and a tricked out fancy coke machine.  You know, the kind that lets you pick from what feels like a gazillion choices.  Diet cherry ginger ale on tap?  Yes please! 

5.  Orange is the New Black.  Finally convinced MVP to give this Netflix series a try and I am hooked.  The first season has 13 episodes --we watched three in a row last night, and am fairly certain we will plow through the other ten over the course of this weekend.  This series is based on Piper Kerman's memoir about her own experiences in prison. 

Aside from the novelty of this being nothing like any other show you've watched recently, the performances on this show are A-mazing.  I am also hooked by how they choose to reveal characters' back story, giving you little snippets here and there they not only give you insight, but make you go back and reevaluate things that character has done or said in a previous episode...sort of like "Oh NOW I get why she said that!"  I won't get on the "better roles for actresses" soapbox (and I know the series is set in prison, so by default characters will be outside of your run-of-the-mill TV actresses) but I love seeing women of all sizes, shapes, colors and ages on TV.  I am not sure if it is funny, sad or scary that I think the characters in Orange is the New Black look more like "real life" to me than those on most poplar series today.  If you have Netflix, you must give this series a try.  And if you don't have Netflix, Orange is the New Black and House of Cards are all the reason you need to sign yourself up and get your binge-watching on!


  1. I have no urge to see Jobs, and I guess I will wait with your review! If only I had Netflix. So many series I want to watch!

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Glad to read an honest review of Jobs. I'll just wait to catch it on TV then. Happy Friday! I hope your weekend is far better than your week.


  3. haven't heard BB creams for hair yet.I love your blog design,it's so cute. New GFC follower here
    Hope you can visit my Five on Friday

  4. I will have to check out the Pantene BB cream. I need something that makes drying mine easier.