Thursday, September 12, 2013

OMGYG -- nailed it!

MVP was out of town for work for a whole week.  I got to have some alone time, dinner with friends and their babies, watch whatever I wanted on the TV, you know the drill.  It was me, my yoga pants and a whooooooole lotta Bravo.

One night I was looking at my sad, naked finergnails and rememebred I had a new polish product (a QVC purchase, obvs) that I had yet to try.  And Omigod!Omigod you guys! (remember when I thought that would help me post more regularly? Yeah, I had forgotten too) this stuff is a revelation. 

Julep's Freedom Polymer Topcoat is a total gamechanger.  I love gel manis -- that mirror like shine and the lack of drying time.  And I have even invested in all the tools and products so that I can have a DIY gel mani-pedi at anytime.  But the biggest PITA with gel polish?  Removal.  Second biggest? Limited color choices.

Enter the Freedom Polymer Topcoat.  The topcoat is "activated" by light, creating a unique polymer coat that prevents chipping and leaves your nails with a gel-like shine.  The quick-dry formula cures under regular light in 3-5 minutes.  Better yet? No more gel-removal hassle - any nail polish remover does the job.

And on the subject of color choices, I am in serious love with the shades offered by Julep.  Because I love my monthly beauty subscriptions (currently get Glossybox and Birchbox), I was intrigued by Julep's MAVEN service.  You take a quick quiz so they can get an idea of your style and tastes.  Your first MAVEN box will ship within three business days.  I promise you, you will LOVE coming home and being greeted by a little box packed with two polishes chosen just for you and some other beauty goodies. 

Each month I look forward to getting my MAVEN box with new nail colors, cult faves and other beauty products that are just right for me. Better yet? I am totally in control and can decide how often I receive my shipment and can cancel at any time.  But I have been obsessed with the colors they send me so don't see myself cancelling anytime soon.

Even better, Julep sends me a preview email so I can see what I will get in my next shipment.  If I take a peek and decide I want to try a different style, send my box to a friend (how sweet of an option is that?) or skip the month (and the bill), I just log into my account and submit my request.

Seriously you guys....Treat Yo Self.  You've been working deserve it.

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