Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Why buy the cow when you can get the crazy for free?

While I do think MVP found himself a great match, I know he was also well aware of my tendencies to act like a weirdo charming eccentricities.  Some of these he warmed up to and joined in on -- like watching In the Kitchen with David on QVC or killing time wandering around a Costco.  Some he still wants no part of, like BRAVO.  And sometimes....well sometimes he just shakes his head at me and probably wonders what the hell is wrong with me.

This past Saturday night would have been one of those head shaking moments.  It was late at night - MVP was starting to drift off to sleep, I was enjoying some of the TV he hates watching  - Barely Famous on VH-1, to be exact.  It's like my Us Weekly came to life in the form of a tv show!
I paused the TV to get a drink of water; while in the kitchen I heard really loud, but muffled, voices.  Grabbing my attention, I leaned towards the wall to see what was going on with my neighbors.  Nothing.
It took me a few beats to realize the noise was coming from underneath me.  So like anyone else would do, I lied down and pressed my ear to the kitchen floor.  JACKPOT!!  As a side note, the neighbors who live underneath us are HUGE JERKS and the one guy has come to yell at me on a few ocvcasions for "banging around upstairs" when all I was doing was walking to a different room. So I was even MORE curious to get a better sense of what the eff was wrong with them.  So this was justified eavesdropping.
I must have lost track of time down there on the kitchen floor, because the next thing I hear is "What the hell are you doing?!?"  And that was coming from *inside* the apartment.

I looked up to see a very disgrunteld MVP.  "ummm, nothing," I stammered, "just listening to the guy downstairs."

"Well while you were in here lying on the kitchen floor, the TV unpaused itself and some porno movie is blasting at full voulme and we have the damn windows open!" he bellowed.

"Whoops, sorry I guess the last channel we watched before my on-demand binge was Cinemax. It's late, so they've changed over to Skinemax by now I bet."

MVP sighed heavily and trudged back to bed.  I reluctantly got up off the floor, grabbed that drink or water that I set out to get probably 20 minutes earlier, and headed back to bed.  Well, headed back to finish my show, then watch another horrible yet entertaining show (Walk of Shame Shuttle...yes that's the name of the show) and went to bed.

Just another normal, boring Saturday night......

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