Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Creativity is a big YAY

I have always been what I would call a competent cooker. I got a lot of good italian cooking know how from my Gram and I can hold my own in the kitchen. But baking....love it. So fun. Makes me feel creative again and I miss being creative in work. And I miss being creative in life in general. Now that my roommate works a later schedule that me, I feel like sometimes I don't really get to see her. Those that know me well know I have a need to try and make people laugh and my roommate is a great source for testing my material :)

It can be a little embarassing owning up to being a bit of a creativity dork. I don't feel the need to hide my time in the high school drama program or that I took Art so that I could get out of Gym class. Then I move on to discussion of starting college as a dance major (and staying one for two years) and letting myself go get that Master's in Film and Visual Media. I do all that and still don't think of myself as a creative person. Because all of that is my weird-o version of normal.

So when I go home excited over baking some new cupcakes with a twist and that becomes the most exciting moment of my day, well I overlook it. When I get home, and get moving with my baking and put on my itunes in the background and sing and dance along with my cooking....well theres a good part of me that knows that's not normal. But I know I LOVE it and have so much fun doing that. And some other texts with the new person confirm...this is not the "norm" by any means. Not everyone else dances around and (gasp) sings when they cook and bake in the kitchen.

Those people are missing the creativity gene that I have been reminded again I am so THANKFUL to have. Of course no one knows where it comes from since I have that jock and a brain for parents. Well someone somewhere in my family had to be creative....and I thank them and give them a big YAY

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