Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hooray...and then a set back

I was hoping to do something with a little more fanfare, but as with most things in life, after you make a plan some times you watch that plan get blown to bits.

On Friday I officially became a dot com. That's right, if you are reading this right now, go look up in your browser and take in that .com after my name. I wish I could really verbalize what it meant to me, but I think it would just be wasted words. I am really excited about this little project of mine and where it may go.

Yet as I have found with many other things in my life, every great "Hooray"
moment comes with some bad news. It's like some weird chaser that I can always count on to take the warm and fuzzy edge off of things and snap me out of a sweet daydream. So I had that on Saturday. Had some bad news that I was not prepared for and really took me down about 46 notches. The heady high I had from Friday was wiped away and I found myself really upset.

Two things got me through the day. The first was some great/funny/kind/heartfelt thoughts and words from a friend. A great friend that I have not seen in maybe 10+ years but have reconnected with lately and was so helpful and inspiring to me at a time when I truly needed it. Even though I was struggling to get through some things on Saturday, I was beyond blessed and thankful to have her virtual support.

The second was just driving. Plain and simple being behind the wheel and just going. True, part of that felt good because if I just kept moving, kept moving...then I didn't have to stop and deal with something difficult. But I often do some of my best thinking and sorting out of things from behind the wheel of my poor car that sits in the parking lot all week long, never getting driven anywhere. Seriously, the car will be 4 years old in September (should I buy a gift?) and is clocking in at just under 20K miles.

So I may be away for a bit while I try to sort through some things and process. In case the 4 of you reading this start wondering where I have gone off to :)

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