Wednesday, August 11, 2010

No...I would not like to continue this conversation

I am super guilty of having my door closed way too much at work. I am fairly certain it'll come up in my annual review later this week, but nothing I can really change about that now. I'd like to pretend I often have the door shut because I am on a really important conference call or working on a project that requires my total focus. Usually it's because I am focused on watching a tv show online or having a really important gchat conversation. Also the the one secretary outside my office has waaaayyyy too many TMI personal phone calls that I don't want to hear all about. And if you don't know, I have the world's worst temp assistant and I'd like to keep my interaction with her to a minimum. Because she makes my brain hurt and a little piece of me dies every time I have to talk to her.

But another big reason for keeping the door shut is because I am located in a high traffic area of the floor -- where people can easily see me watching tv or gchatting -- and that means people can see me PERIOD. And when they see my sweet smiling face they remember things they want me to do for them. Annoying. I think in my perfect world I would never have to speak to anyone in person or on the phone, just email and text. On a related note, they just gave us an office IM program. Sooooo guess who is going to be making even less phone calls then I already do?? when these lawyers DO see me out and about from my office, they always want to chat. So when I got up to take a quick trip to the ladies room, I was ambushed by one. One who ALWAYS wants to talk about what more we (that means me) could be doing to promote the firm (she actually means just her.)

She had a coffee cup in her hand so I figure she's headed towards the kitchen. I'm like Nancy Drew the way I can figure these things out. So I figure I walk with her to the kitchen, feign interest/caring in what she is talking to me about, drop her off and keep on my merry way. Wrong. She is headed to the ladies too (I don't want to know why she was bringing a cup with her, ew) so we have to continue this conversation even longer.

We get to the ladies room door - still talking. Inside to get the little paper seat cover - still talking. Selection of which stall she'd prefer - still talking.

And then. She continues to talk. Through the stall door.

No, I am not kidding.

I joke all the time that we aren't exactly curing cancer here in the BigLaw world but I know that the lawyers do some high-level work for some important clients and everything. But I am sorry, nothing can be that important that you need to talk to me while you pee. It can wait...TRUST me. I would hope that the ladies room would be the ONE place in the office where it's okay for me to keep the door closed and not work for a few minutes.

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