Friday, September 17, 2010

Frazzled Friday

Work has been stressing me out beyond belief lately and today took that to a new level of suck. And as much as I wish I could scream or yell or stomp my feet, none of those actions is workplace appropriate. So I excused myself for a quick walk around the block to clear my head and get some sun, and now I am going to just use a teensy bit of typing here to vent. And hopefully (please, God, please) feel a little better.

I hate that as best I try, I have no semblance of control over my days here at the firm. I hate trying to decide which "due by COB" project is really going to have a shot of getting done by COB. I often hesitate about making plans for after work and then at about 2 o'clock sit wondering if I need to send the I may be late/not able to make it at all email because you just don't know how the rest of the day is going to play out. Granted, I think that in today's case, these are plans I shouldn't have made anyway, so maybe this whole stressful scenario at work is some kind of karma or bigger force at work. Who knows. If that's the case then touche, karma. Touche.

I hate when people tell me "Well I would just leave. I wouldn't put up with that kind of sh*t at work." Really? REALLY?? So you would just say, "I'm sorry that the project was not complete, but it is 5pm and that is my quitting time. Best of luck to you and I hope this doesn't permanently scar our existing relationship with that client. Later!" Please tell me where the money tree is located in your backyard or the endless stash of jobs you have lined up for after the one you walk out on at 5pm because "that's when you are supposed to leave" promptly fires your @ss.

I hate when people at work expect me to be even more flexible in my ability to stay late/come in early/work weekends because I am not married and/or have kids. No, I am not a wife or a mom but I do HAVE A LIFE. One that doesn't involve the firm, goes on during evenings and weekends, and is outside of this office. And it is of no less value because there isn't a husband or children in it at the moment, thank you very much.

Well surprisingly I feel the tiniest bit better. Hoping and praying I can get through the rest of the day and not end up screaming or yelling or stomping my feet.

And then my Dad sent me a text letting me know my Mom Mom loved the wreath I made her and they hung it up on the door to her room at the home she lives at. Now that definitely made me smile forget some of my stress of today.


  1. So sorry to hear that work has you wanting to scream. I can completely relate to the fact that people think that just because you aren't married and don't have kids that you should be able to pick up all of the slack. Sometimes I'm tempted to call in b/c Louis is feeling under the weather, and I don't want him to be home alone. I mean, after all...he is kindove my child :)

  2. i can totally relate with your work woes.

    i, too, am not married and without children. so oftentimes my schedule is a bit overlooked, shall we say. in addition, if i'm running a few minutes late it's a problem. but if anonymouse other person is running late because their kids bus was late, then it's a different story.
    helooooo. i was probably STUCK behind the the late bus.
    i, too, get frustrated with how the end of a business day reallllly isn't the end of the day. you can never really just leave at five, especially when there are things to be done.

    i wish i had better advice.... but i have nothing other than. it sucks. big time.

  3. Oh ladies...I can't tell if I am relieved that I am not the only one that goes through this. Or if it makes me more frustrated that it happens to other people and is not an isolated problem of mine!!