Monday, September 20, 2010

Seriously, who DOES that?!?

A quick brief rant. Since clearly I haven't vented enough on here for this one Monday. I have had it up to HERE with people at work stealing my snacks out of the fridge. You can insert some lame-ass comedian's bit about co-workers stealing yogurt here if you want to but I am serious. So help me god, I will set some sort of a trap and bring your snack-stealing @ss to justice.

I don't have crazy-delicious snacks in there that are just calling out to you. There's no ice cream treat. No cupcake. Hell, I am not even trying to sneak a chilled snickers by you. I have cut up apples. A-P-P-L-E-S. Has anyone looked at apple slices and thought "Oh what the hell...I'll splurge!" No, right?? That's because they are not a special treat that is worth STEALING. Besides, I think we average at least 2 firm-wide emails per day about leftover sandwiches/cookies/treats in some conference room or the other. Plus we'll probably be having a party for something or other next week. So please just leave my apples alone, mkay?

This is besides the point that stealing is just wrong. Who doesn't know that? I don't care what religion you subscribe to, it is just not cool to take what is not yours. Who forgets that they brought a little bag of sliced apples to work with them that morning. NO ONE. So if you don't remember putting them there then guess what? They ain't your apples. Paws off. Please oh PLEASE don't make me go all label-maker over the contents of my lunch every day. Cause as sad as it is, I will do it.

If anyone in the DC area turns on the news and hears about some wack-a-doo being carted out of an office because she went crazy over stolen snacks...well that would be me. And could someone come bail me out? Please and thank you.


  1. so true and really pathetic when people do this!

  2. Lord, I know you're mad about it, but thank you for making me literally LOL @ this post tonight. You are truly a hoot. =)

  3. that is a new low -- stealing apples?! what in the world. Maybe they were hungry and just thought, "how bout them apples?" haha

  4. Thanks ladies...I ahven't been this po'ed about the theft of food since someone stole my "late meal" back when I lived in the sorority house!

  5. The fridge in the KD kitchen was my FIRST thought as I read this. I never used that fridge for fear of the things that it may have been growing. Tooooo funny, tho I am sorry that someone ate your apples.