Friday, October 15, 2010


As I was in the midst of writing another blog posting (because I have been absent for a few edays...sorry bout that!) I checked my dashboard and saw that out of nowhere, I have reached FIFTY followers. Thank you oh thank you, folks. You have no idea how much this girl needed that pick-me-up today!

So hopefully I can keep that momentum going. I have been in a tiny bit of a funk lately, and am hoping to shake myself out of it this weekend. But I do know that I feel a bit better when I come here more regularly, so I will hop on the bloggy bandwagon that has been making the rounds lately, and take part in the 30 Day Blog Challenge. Now, I know for damn sure I will not be able to post 30 days in a row, so I can't promise how often I will post these, I mean let's all note that it is not called the 30 CONSECUTIVE Day Blog challenge. So, let's do this, shall we?

Day One - Introduction and 15 interesting facts
Deviled Megs lives and works in the DC Metro area. She isn't keen on using her real name on this blog -- and for that fact will not be posting any recent picture. She likes to think that when bad things happen, and they often do, she can at least try and make a funny story out of it and get a few laughs. Deviled Megs can be a little b*tchy sometimes but it's usually when provoked by stupid people. Or when she's hungry. It may also be the result of working with lawyers all week long who can sometimes be mean, rude and generally awful towards her. While she has met some great guys in her life, she usually tends to date losers, creeps and weirdos and writes weekly about them in a post called Tales from the Trenches Tuesday. Sometimes she wishes her friends would pick some fake names for themselves so she could write about them more easily in blog postings. She doubts her mother (Alice B) reads any of this and is SURE her father(Coach) doesn't. She needs to stop writing about herself in the third person.

Fifteen interesting facts:
1. I was a dancer growing up and even started college as a Dance Major, before switching to English. I did earn enough credits in the field to finish with a Dance Minor. I do not list this on my resume.
2. I do not dance at weddings, parties, bars, or anywhere else for that matter.
3. In high school I won the superlative of "Prettiest Eyes"
4. My parents were both teachers at my high school. Maybe people felt bad about that, thus throwing me a bone by voting me "Prettiest Eyes"
5. When I was about 8, my parents volunteered to chaperone the Junior Prom and I got to go with them. I told everyone I was bringing Ricky Schroeder as my date. I still don't know why my 8-year-old self thought I needed to make that sh*t up but imagine everyone had a good laugh at my expense. If given the option now, I would totally bring Jason Bateman instead.
6. I grew up outside of Philadelphia and am a Philly Sports Fan
7. While I have lost it for the most part, I can easily pick up my Philadelphia accent after (a) a few drinks or (b) spending time with other Philadelphians.
8. When (a) and (b) happen concurrently, it usually leads to trouble.
9. When I graduated college, I was hired by my national sorority to be a consultant. I spent the following year travelling to chapters at campuses all over the country and even got to recolonize a chapter at one school. The whole experience is still one of the hardest and most amazing things I have ever done.
10. I once met Charles Barkley in a bar in Atlanta. He bought me a woo-woo shooter and a Coors Lite.
11. I have a Master's degree in Film and Media Communications that I still hope I will use someday.
12. The movie "Gremlins" scared the begeezus out of me when I was little and I haven't watched it ever again.
13. I don't think I have ever eaten a nectarine.
14. I was in a bunch of plays and musicals in high school, but only ever once was cast in a role with actual lines. I played the bratty younger sister, Rebecca, in "Our Town"
15. I make my bed every single day no matter what.

So thanks to my 50 followers for making me feel so fabulous on this fine Friday! Here's hoping for 50 more :)


  1. congratulations on the 50 mark! i get excited when i just see 1 more follower joining the ranks,lol

  2. Dude, "The Gremlins" scared the heck out of me also!!! I have watched pieces of it, and it still scares me.

  3. I mean, "Gremlins," minus the "The." Haha.

  4. The Gremlins, hahaha, I loved that movie when I was little! Had the nightgown and everything, hahaha

  5. Congrats darlin!!! Well done!

    I get b*tchy too, perhaps its because I work with lawyers as well! LOL

  6. congrats! love reading your posts!

  7. Congrats on the 50 mark.
    I thought about being a traveling consultant for my sorority when I graduated but didn't do it some days I regret it.

  8. Well this sure was fun! Perhaps I will need to play along as well? I can't think of 15 things that are that interesting about me, but I did enjoy reading yours.

    Ricky Schroeder, huh? hahaha...

  9. Congrats! I love reading you posts! I also have to make my bed every day... no matter what!

  10. 2. I have witnessed you dancing in a bar. True story.
    3. & 4. Shut up, your eyes are killer and you know it.
    7. Happens to us Baltimorons, too
    8. Ditto
    11. Still waiting to see your script put to film