Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tales from the Trenches Tuesday

Once again, I *almost* forgot it was Tuesday then thankfully remembered and dropped everything I was doing. Well, not really…but the projects I need to get done today are just pretty mind numbing, so writing this up real quick won that contest hands-down.

On a weekend night out a couple summers ago, I randomly ran into some friends that I hadn’t seen in a while, maybe about a year or even two. The person that I had originally gone out with that evening came over to say she was thinking of calling it a night and heading home. It was then that the group of friends I had run into, including my friend RBEHU, convinced me to stay out. They had just gotten a couple more pitchers of beer…it wasn’t that late (around 11)…so I stayed. I am always so easily convinced to do things I shoulnd’t sometimes that it is unreal.

So the group of us stayed on at the bar, having a few more drinks and catching up. Until RBEHU suggested the group head back to his apartment to play Rock Band.

Because Rock Band is always a great idea when it's close to closing time and no one really wants to go home yet. And I personally would have dropped any and everything for Rock Band at any time of the day because deep down, I tam convinced I would make an amazing drummer. I wish I had anything credible to back that claim up with other than the fact that I am an excellent tap dancer and I figure drumming is the same thing, except with sticks in my hands. I have little daydreams of being at a concert or something and the band's drummer falls ill and someone’s all, “Is there a drummer in the house???” and I get up on stage and drum my little hands off and save the day. Or maybe Animal on “The Muppets” just made it look easy to me at an impressionable young age?

Ok, sidetracked by my drumming daydreams…sorry about that. Lets get this story back on track.

So our group leaves the bar and heads back to RBEHU’s apartment. Rock Band fun ensues. And then after awhile people start to filter out one by one…until it’s just me and RBEHU. It’s quite late and after a few calls to the cab company that fail to produce an actual cab to pick me up, I am offered a spot sleeping on the couch. Not a big deal to me, we are friends, seems all fine and good.

Until RBEHU tries to make a move. I am a little freaked out by this and honestly didn’t see it coming. But I also am so dense when it comes to these kinds of things that I wouldn’t see a Mack Truck coming at me until it ran me over. However, even with my total stupidity to all things guy-related, I really and truly was not thinking anything like this was going to happen and said as much to him.

“Well,” he said, “you DID come back here to play Rock Band, so…”

Whoah, whoah, WHOAH. Hold the damn phone – since when does Rock Band Equal Hooking Up? I could see maybe if I had gone back alone but there were other people. Then when all the bandmates peaced out it immediately took a turn for the romantical.

I slept on that couch with one eye opened and endured a painfully awkward ride home the next morning (I got caught trying to sneak out, how embarrassing!) Needless to say I was so traumatized by this whole episode, that I have not played Rock Band since. I wonder if my faux-drumming skills have suffered?


  1. VERY funny one today!! HAHAHAHA and I LOVE the picture of Animal (huge Muppets fan as you know!) I have only attempted Rock band one time and I wasn't any good, so good for you cause the drums is probably the hardest one right?

  2. hahaha what a weirdo! he obviously looked into the situation a little much.

  3. Boys take the slightest hint the wrong way...and for some reason the hints always lead to attempting to hook up.

  4. Love, love, love the drumming daydream sidenote. Because, I totally get it. What isn't there to love about drummers/drumming? True story - I had a crush on this guy my entire high school career simply because he was a drummer. Never even spoke to him, but the drumming was enough.

    I mean, obviously you going over to his place with a group of people meant you wanted to hook up. Yeah...guys are dense/clueless/overly eager and/or hopeful....

  5. Well, that's a new one for sure--You agree to play rock band and that's supposed to equal something more? I swear, I really think it's the men that live in a fantasy world. Unreal.